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The year 2023 marks a very important milestone for motorsport, especially 4-wheel motorsport. Indeed, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is reaching its 100th edition, and the classic of endurance racing classics is in better shape than ever. In fact, the reborn World Endurance Championship (WEC) is reviving attention to this type of competition. In fact, the new regulations have allowed for the extension of the number of official manufacturers involved, and others will make their entry in the coming years.

To honor the historic occasion, some of the top teams decided to bring specific liveries to the race.


Porsche 963 WEC Le Mans livery

Porsche 963 WEC Le Mans livery

Porsche has a very long tradition on the La Sarthe circuit with no fewer than 19 successes. 2023 also marks the 75th year since the birth of the Stuttgart-based manufacturer, and this double celebration will be celebrated in a highly visible way. The 3 963LMDHs will wear a special color scheme with 15 colored stripes that, starting from the nose, widen toward the rear. Each stripe carries a different color that refers to an iconic livery from the past: orange is related to the period of the 917s sponsored by Gulf Oil, green and blue are those of the 1970 Martini "Hippie" example. Pink is that of the unforgettable "pink pig," the experimental 917 with graphics inspired by butcher cuts. Not forgetting the red and yellow of the RS Spyder LMP2s that dominated their category in the late 2000s.

Porsche is no stranger to using special liveries at the Le Mans event: the most recent example was in 2018 when 2 911 RSR GTEs brought to the race color schemes inspired by some of the brand's most iconic vintages.


Peugeot 9X8 WEC Le Mans livery

Peugeot 9X8 WEC Le Mans livery

The House of the Lion took advantage of the recent design week in Milan to show everyone the unprecedented configuration with which it will tackle the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 9X8 already sports aerodynamic solutions that can differentiate it from its rivals, also accomplice to the all-masonite gray color scheme.

For the Sarthe marathon, however, they chose to rely on Spanish artist J. Demsky, famous for his unique graffiti that plays on spatiality and colorful visual solutions similar to the glitches of old televisions and the 3-D environments of early video games. Notable collectables include Sony, Heineken, Ballantine's, Adidas

And Demsky has come up with a very unique solution, not only for the cars but also for the drivers' suits and helmets. The white base incorporates a checkered grid that gives a singular volumetry to the lines of the vehicle. On the left front wheel arch and then all over the hood then intervene a series of repetitive but always different graphic elements, declined according to bright colors and optical combinations.

What emerges is an idea of great dynamism and modernity that certainly helps to isolate the 9X8 even more from its competitors.

Racing Team Turkey

Racing Team Turkey WEC Le Mans livery

Racing Team Turkey WEC Le Mans livery

The Turkish stable engaged in LMP2 will take the opportunity to celebrate as many as 2 centenaries. In fact, in addition to that of the French race, 2023 marks a century since the birth of the Republic of Turkey, proclaimed on October 29, 1923. The Oreca 07 Gibson of the team normally involved in the ELMS (European Le Mans Series) has been fitted with a special celebratory red-gray color scheme that shows the number 100 clearly visible on the hood, sides and nose flanked by the Turkish crescent. Prominent on the large rear wing is the word "Korkma!", which can be translated as "Have no fear!" and the incipit of the national anthem.

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