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24 races in 10 months around the worlda circus that, over time, has grown more and more developed more and more over timeboth in terms of extension (races are no longer only held in the summer) and location (4 continents where the races are held) and in terms of media (more than 500 media representing 33 accredited countries from the world of TV, press and web) to to bring the most spectacular championship ever anywhere..

4 categories

20 races

4 Continents

16 Countries

10 Months of action

76 Days of competition

motorbike and

The Fim Enel MotoE World Cup is the world's first championship with electric motorbikes composed of 12 teams and their 18 riders will battle it out for the first world title in the category. 

Strongly desired by Dorna, it kicked off on 5 May 2019 in Jerez de la Frontera

MotoE represents the first step in two-wheeled mobility, a certain prospect for the mobility of the future; sponsoring MotoE means having a great story to tell and guaranteeing positive values for your brand.

12 Team

18 Pilots

5 European Races

All races are held during MotoGP GPs

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