What is Fastback Sport Marketing?

Fastback is the first and only team of existing professionals engaged in sports marketing in the MotoGP world.

In fact, unlike other industry companies, Fastback deals exclusively with the Motomondiale; we do not care about other sports, breathe and live only in motorcycling, and focusing on this single sector has allowed us to become the most experienced and even the most respected. Fastback is present at all MotoGP events, and we are the only ones who can guarantee you a constant dialogue between your company and the MotomGP stakeholders (pilots, team managers, Dorna, Irta, just to name a few).

The Fastback experience – since 1990 in the MotoGP Circus – has led to customers offering a complete “package” of services that no one else can do: transforming uncomfortable details, directly managed by customers, in value-added , managed by us, throughout the company’s participation in the MotoGP events

Here’s what Fastback can offer to its customers:

Finding the best sponsorship opportunities for each business: unlike our competitors, we do not provide “standard packages” to all our customers indifferently; we look for each and every one the best solution for achieving the goals set.

Continuous support for the company and all the present staff: thanks to the innumerable knowledge developed within the paddock, we provide a constant support to introduce customers to interesting figures for their business within the MotoGP.

Hospitality Service: To create a unique business and customer experience, to be part of a small group of entrepreneurs who have their own “private area”, the solution is Hospitality, where they can “pamper” their partners and create very important business opportunities.

Welcoming – partner and / or customer service: we deal with all those aspects that can distract our customers from their real goals, that is to do business within the circus! We welcome customers and partners of our customers, we deal with the supply and management of passes, we provide personal assistance to all participants, these are some of the services we can offer.

Gadget Preparation and Delivery: In order to create something special to distribute to the millions of viewers who fill the circuits every year, there is a need for someone to design, design, search for suppliers, logistics and distribution: we can offer them customers also this service.

We have met the needs of hundreds of customers over the years, with whom we have developed the best strategies to evolve their business. Here are some testimonials from customers who have collaborated with Fastback, some of which are still within the MotoGP.

Who is behind Fastback Sport Marketing?

My name is Fabio Barchitta, and I’m a former motorcyclist; I competed for years in the Queen class (500cc), but I had to leave the pilot career because of a serious accident; I stayed in the MotoGP as a manager for top-level companies like Honda and Aprilia, then I decided to found Fastback thanks to the experience gained so that we can provide all the companies who decided to enter the spectacular world of motorcycling concerns promotion, communication and sponsorship, and to convey my experience to grow their business.

I decided to develop my business only in the MotoGP because it is the world I know best and to whom I have devoted all my life, so I decided to specialize only in this environment.

Over the years I have cultivated innumerable knowledge that has become fundamental when I decided to found Fastback, starting from the tops of Dorna and Irta, to get to all those entrepreneurs who every week end populate the paddock looking for opportunities for their own businesses .

Over the years, through the establishment of Fastback, I have developed numerous promotion and communication strategies for various brands and companies to increase the visibility of these same companies and of course their profits.

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