EICMA, Milan-Rho Fiera

The trade exhibitions are a unique opportunity for the participating companies. Events and markets have always been a meeting point between companies and consumers, places where you can also go to look at the goods and collect ideas and inspirations, wondering around pavilions and stands. In full digital age, the participation of a company in a sector fair is a very effective tool for the promotion of its services and products and a unique opportunity for networking.

In fact, research conducted by the CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) at the end of 2018 shows that 99% of exhibitors find a unique value offered by B2B exhibitions not provided by other marketing channels.

Everything that could cost months of marketing work and a considerable use of resources, is available in an exhibition space of a few square meters, inside a fair and in a time frame that rarely exceeds three days.

What are the real benefits?

  • Business. Opportunity to expand its custom, meeting new entrepreneurs.
  • Network. A dense network of friendships, contacts and relationships can be created, in order to keep constantly informed about everything that happens in the sector, even outside our range of action and competence.
  • Master. Participation in a fair also allows you to discover, or deepen, the news of the sector in which you work. You can learn about new technologies that facilitate development, find solutions to unsolved problems.
  • Make yourself known / improve the company image. Having a well-equipped stand in a trade exhibition means having the opportunity to be seen and visited by hundreds of people in a few days, get closer to the public and listen to customers.


  • Communication. The pre, during and post event must however be supported by a correct and adequate communication. During the preparation for a exhibition it is essential to plan possible discounts, make gadgets and promotional material to distribute to visitors, to be remembered and re-contacted.
  • Targeted objectives. In order to arrive prepared at the Exhibition, a few but precise points must be set. The first is in the identification of objectives: it is necessary to have a goal towards which to focus and to remain motivated. Then you need to be clear about the purpose and the type of people who attend that fair. In the end it is essential to organize and motivate the team that will collaborate throughout the event.