B2B-B2C and industry events: once again an infallible weapon

The trade exhibitions are a unique opportunity for the participating companies. Events and markets have always been a meeting point between companies and consumers, places where you can also go to look at the goods and collect ideas and inspirations, wondering around pavilions and stands. In full digital age, the participation of a company in a sector fair is a very effective tool for the promotion of its services and products and a unique opportunity for networking.

Fabio Quartararo show: Rookie of the Year 2020

Today Fabio Quartararo is already, for everyone, the revelation of the year in the top class: after 16 races he has already conquered four pole positions and six seasonal podiums, deservedly winning the title of Rookie of the Year. Great season for him.

Fastback, your competitive advantage for the Network among MotoGP companies

A. Chandler in 1990 stated that “cooperation between companies represents one of the most fruitful and possible paths of development of modern capitalism”. The use of B2B relationships between companies is a phenomenon capable of profoundly modifying the mechanisms of corporate governance, of the economic sectors, in particular the markets redefining the operational boundaries and the business itself.

The combination of sports sponsorship and tax deductibility

The costs for sponsorships appear to be fully deductible and equivalent, from our system, to advertising if the sponsorship respects some fundamental rules.

Brand Awareness with Fastback Sport Marketing

Brand awareness is a parameter that indicates how much our brand and its products or services are known and recognized in the minds of consumers. The apex of Brand awareness, the point of arrival desired by each brand, is to be the first brand that consumers think of when they start the process of buying a certain good or service.

Rudy Project official supplier of the Red Bull KTM Tech3 Team

Rudy Project, the Italian company that produces and distributes glasses and performance helmets worldwide, has renewed the partnership as official supplier of the Red Bull KTM Tech3 official team of technical helmets to be used, by regulation, during qualifications and practices.

Personal Time Promotion and Fastback together in Motorsport

Personal Time was born over 30 years ago among the first companies in the Italian import market and made-to-measure and pret à porter products. Since then they have evolved to specialize in the import, scouting, production and sale of products and accessories for the clothing industry and in communications for various product sectors. They focus on finding original objects all over the world, re-interpreting them and offering them to clients in order to develop original and effective projects and ideas together.
Through regular travel and close relationships with partners in Italy, Asia (Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan), Europe (London, Berlin and Paris), the United States and Turkey, Personal Time guarantees both quality and innovation, and proposes only the best ideas and solutions.

Enter In The History Of Motorcycling – Demonstrate The Character Of Your Company

Advertising and sponsorship of MotoGP provides considerable exposure and return-on-investment, which can contribute significantly to achieving specific commercial targets, as demonstrated by the numerous long-term partners associated with the World Championship.


Born from the partnership between Dorna, Enel and Energica will unfold in six races that will be held on European soil and will have an all-Italian DNA. In fact, Energica Motor Company S.p.A. Modena is the first manufacturer of supersport electric bikes, which boasts a range of three high-performance models, including the Ego Energica from which it derives the Ego Corsa, a version used by the teams that will participate in the World Championship.

Sponsorship with Dorna: a winning marketing move

Dorna is the exclusive owner of the commercial and television rights of the MotoGP World Championship since 1991, together with the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship, the FIM CEV Repsol, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup, the British Talent Cup and the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup.