Hospitaity in Extra-European Races Is One Of The News Of This Season

Hospitality outside Europe has long been a necessity but only with the arrival of new international sponsors there has been a new solution, even from a logistical point of view, which allows them to be available in every state.


Fastback and Audes Synergy Success

AUDES is a well-known Italian clothing brand that has been using some of Fastback’s skills and abilities in the world of motorbike

Gran Premio di Aragona

Fastback in RSI Direct TV for Moto2

At the Aragon Grand Prix 2017 Fabio Barchitta of Fastback was invited to live TV broadcast by RSI

Next Gp: Silverstone, United Kingdom  

Silverstone’s first motorcycle Grand Prix event was held in 1977, and also happened to the first to be held on the British mainland.

Safety and Advertising Are Fundamental Not Just During Race

During a GP it is not enough to guarantee the safety of the racing riders, it is also important to guarantee the safety of the box staff; those are the men who make the development of the bike a form of art.

Moto2 Morbidelli wins for the third time

Qatar first, then Argentina; And now the United States, Austin for precision. Franco Morbidelli has three races and three victories in Moto2 in Texas from the pole position and is confirmed as the favorite for winning the MotoGP.



The spotlight on the world of MotoGP with great enthusiasm and excitement !!!

The first race in Qatar proves full of surprises and hard fought! Deserved the red-blue podium with a strong Vinalez in the higher step.



From Sepang circuit the first official Test 2017.

This opens the curtain on a new exciting world championship MotoGP, I recommend follow us !!!

Fastback will be there..

MotoGP – Motul TT Assen

Well-deserved podium by one Scott Redding in great shape , and after a stunning race in conditions to say the least disastrous won the 3 ‘ step ! Scott Redding wearing glasses Rudy Project always through the intermediary of the Fastback Fabio Barchitta


Barcelona moto GP 2016

Well deserved the placement obtained by Daniel Pedrosa at the end of the Catalonian GP, who, after a great race, succeeded in reaching the third place on the podium.
One special think goes, in particular, from Fastback and all the MGP world, to the great loss of Luis Salom, the young spanish rider who died yesterday at the age of twenty-four, in the Montmélo circuit, hoping that this kind of events will be more and more rare in the future.