Not only teams and riders in the World Championship represent a unique opportunity for visibility and storytelling: even Clinica Mobile represents an excellent opportunity for small, medium and large companies in the healthcare-pharmaceutical market and beyond.

Clinica Mobile was born February 3, 1977, and debuted on the Austrian circuit of Salzburg, saving the life of Franco Uncini World Champion class 500 in 1982 with Suzuki.

Created by Dr. Claudio Costa and then handed down to Dr. Michele Zasa, Clinica Mobile is the medical-health reference point for MotoGP riders. Clinica Mobile, with its great importance, is a protagonist of international sports medicine; its renewed ultra-modern structure can be found in the MotoGP and Superbike paddock and today provides a wide range of services ranging from physiotherapy and rehabilitation to general medicine, using cutting-edge products and technologies.

Clinica Mobile

Products – By sponsoring the Clinica Mobile, company products can be supplied on race weekends, acquiring the right to create product packaging associated with the Mobile Clinic. An excellent opportunity to promote company products.

Brand awareness – Joining the paddock with the Clinica Mobile means acquiring a quality positioning in the MotoGP and SBK World Championships. Moreover, it is possible to increase your company visibility thanks to the online and offline communication channels of the Clinica Mobile through dedicated posts. The logo and the image of the Mobile Clinic may be associated with the company, from the website to the headed paper.

John McPhee France GP 2019 winner Moto3

Hospitality – The Clinica Mobile can provide the same services as a MotoGP and SBK Team. In June 2018 it renovated its structure by increasing it to two floors and providing all guests with a beautiful terrace overlooking the track so that companies can experience a unique experience during race weekends.

Heterogeneity – All the teams and pilots of the SBK and MotoGP championships use the services of the Clinica Mobile, regardless of nationality or team they belong to. Clinica Mobile is at the service of the entire paddock, promotes the value of the union and the family, and is the place where everyone can feel at ease. Being a sponsor of this unique structure represents a unique opportunity for guests, who will be able to meet riders from different Teams and categories.

Alex Marquez Le Mans GP 2019 winner Moto2

Michele Zasa – Health Director Clinica Mobile nel Mondo

“Clinica Mobile is pleased to be able to collaborate with the Fastback agency, an important player in the marketing sector of the MotoGP led by friend and former pilot Fabio Barchitta”

Fabio Barchitta – CEO & Founder Fastback Sport Marketing

“It is an honor to collaborate with the Clinica Mobile nel Mondo. They are attending at all the MotoGP and SBK events, they provide continuous support to all riders and teams. They are very professional and at the same time never forget the human factor.”