Brand awareness is a parameter that indicates how much our brand and its products or services are known and recognized in the minds of consumers. The apex of Brand awareness, the point of arrival desired by each brand, is to be the first brand that consumers think of when they start the process of buying a certain good or service.

Measure your notoriety through the Aaker pyramid

David Aaker has divided a classification with which to identify the precise point in which your business is currently located, so as to define the current state of your work and how much is missing in order to finally reach the top of the pyramid and the consideration of users .

  • Level 1: at the base of the pyramid we find a total lack of knowledge of the brand, or your potential customers do not have the slightest idea of your existence. Beyond what may be the field of reference, at this stage your work is as if it were non-existent.
  • Level 2: the second point brings us out of total anonymity to start making sure that the brand begins to be known. However, there is always an initial moment, with a level of superficial knowledge, still too limited to really be able to talk about brand awareness.
  • Level 3: the level of knowledge here is strong enough. We are not yet at the final level, but already at this stage your brand will be one of those that will come to mind to a certain type of user looking for services that fall within your sphere.
  • Level 4: Top of Mind. When you reach this point, it means that the work done on the brand has worked: the brand in question is the first that comes to mind for people for a particular good.

Do not confuse Brand Awareness with Brand Reputation

If with the Brand Awareness we speak exclusively of a level of knowledge, with the Brand Reputation we enter the sphere of the consideration that the public has towards a particular brand.

Develop and improve Brand Awareness

  • To improve the reputation of your brand you have no other way than to aim at the realization of focused marketing campaigns.
  • It can be of great help to create an editorial calendar through which to determine when and how to give users the content they expect. Guides, solutions, tips, interviews, articles written by industry experts, there are many types of content that you can propose to attract your audience and grow your business.
  • Increasing the reputation of your brand will lead to an exponential growth in the work to be done, with relative growth in your earnings.

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