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Secure new relationships with successful entrepreneurs. Meet them in the paddock, in the pits, or having a drink in the VIP Village.

Get your MotoGP business off the ground.

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MotoGP, Formula E and SBK are great international stages on which to propose products and services. Becoming part of these worlds guarantees the opportunity to raise one's standards and reputation and to meet others interested in developing business.


Sponsorship is only one part of the business development process: Fastback can work out the best strategy to achieve the results required by the customer thanks to its long experience in the field.

The rich network of knowledge and business relationships, combined with in-depth knowledge of the specific field, allows us to identify tailor-made solutions for each investor based on a series of parameters: budget, type of return, areas of interest, target audience and numerous other data. 

Fastback Sport Marketing can suggest different dynamics and implement them directly on the race track in order to bring the desired operations to fruition.

What we can

doing for you

We help you find the best way to present your brand to the audience that follows MotoGP, SBK and Formula E thanks to our knowledge of your target audience and how they interact. We find the best placement and narrative to ensure the level of visibility and reputation you expect. 

We can develop a marketing and communication plan that gives you the insights and opportunities to create valuable content for your audience and helps you position your brand and services in the most prestigious settings.

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