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In one of the previous articles we analyzed the so-called "dynamic branding" used by the McLaren team in Formula 1. This solution involves the alternation of different brands in specific areas of the livery so as to provide them with specific visibility based on strategic choices.

Obviously the English team is not the only one to adopt dynamics of this type and even in other categories it is not uncommon to find creative approaches to sponsorship management.

For example in Moto 2 we can analyze the case of the Boscoscuro Speed-Up. The Venetian company equips only one team, compared to a grid made up almost exclusively of Kalex chassis. To guarantee each investor adequate exposure to expectations, it was decided to follow an alternation logic. Speed-Up has been offering this route for several seasons now and a lasting relationship has been established with many of the partners which has cemented the practice. We can date the first appearance of the scheme still used today (albeit with detailed changes) to 2014.

In 2022 there were 6 main sponsors of the team and it was necessary to resort to a creative system to avoid confusion and overlap. Specifically we talk about:

In previous seasons the HDR brand, Campetella and Boost Italian Mood also participated.

Cag Tecnologie Meccaniche is a Belluno company with a history of over thirty years. It mainly deals with mechanical processing and maintenance but over the years its offer has expanded to other sectors adjacent to the main one: design, automation and development for third parties. His partnership with SpeedUp dates back to 2020 and since then he has been a permanent presence on Venetian motorcycles.

MB Conveyors can boast a presence on SpeedUp hulls for over ten years. If in the first years they were small stickers, since 2015 the Vicenza company has been among the Manin sponsors and the dedicated livery is one of the most used. Also in this case we are talking about a company with more than 30 years of history and which deals with the entire cycle of plastic materials: collection, storage, separation, packaging, transport, etc.

Lightech is a Venetian company that has been producing high-performance components for production motorcycles since 1997. Take advantage of collaboration with teams like SpeedUp to develop the technology then present on the products. The company created by former driver Fabrizio Furlan has over time abandoned the national championships and minor series to concentrate on motorsport at the highest levels.

Trevisan Macchine Utensili was founded in 1963 from the desire of Girolamo Trevisan (hence the initials in the logo) to capitalize on the experience gained over years of employed work. Today, 60 years later, the company has branched out all over the world starting from the original headquarters in Sovizzo in the province of Vicenza. The activity focuses on the design and construction of machines for the most varied industrial sectors: agriculture, automotive, aerospace, aeronautical, energy, nautical, petrochemical.

Beta Utensili supports SpeedUp by providing its technical equipment to the team's mechanics. The Sovico company today employs over 900 people and its offer ranges over 3000 products. His commitment to sports competitions ranges from 2 to 4 wheels, from Formula 1 to MotoGP and Superbike.

+Ego is a brand of the SIFAR Group which deals with the distribution of telephone accessories and mobile devices in general throughout the national territory. Personalized covers, protective films, supports, chargers, earphones are part of the long catalog of this company which has been sponsoring SpeedUp since 2015.

Termozeta is a manufacturer of small household appliances. It was born in 1946 in Parabiago in the province of Milan and has been a partner of Luca Boscoscuro's team since 2020. During the season the sticker with the logo is present in a band in the lower part of the fairings but there is also a totally green version of the bike in of which Termozeta is the main sponsor. It is usually used in pre-season tests.

Along with the color scheme, the team's title also varies: CAG SpeedUp, Beta Tools SpeedUp, +Ego SpeedUp, MB Conveyors SpeedUp, Lightech SpeedUp, Termozeta SpeedUp, GT Trevisan SpeedUp.

The simultaneous presence of all the logos and related colors would make it impossible to define a graphic that is not only pleasant but also minimally effective. Consequently, we opted to define a basic scheme with a black background and various contrasting geometric areas. These can be declined based on the specific situation to define 6 or more colors in which one of the brands enjoys greater importance. In this way, at each race the bikes and suits are able to present different color schemes and have a clearly identifiable main sponsor.

In detail we can see a black-pink motorbike when EGO+ is the owner, black-blue when the greatest attention is dedicated to CAG or MB, fluorescent green when it is Termozeta's turn, fluorescent yellow with LighTech, red with GT Trevisan and black-orange for Beta.

This may perhaps make it more difficult to identify the team which, due to this choice, is unlikely to always show up in the same configuration for more than two or three matches. But it allows us to provide respectable space for everyone over the twenty races of the season.

Speed-up has been following this trend for some time now, a sign that the formula is functional for all parties involved. Other areas of the bike can then be developed independently of the main theme. For example, the band surrounding the glass part of the fairing is colored based on the chosen brand.

In the gallery below we have collected all the graphics adopted for each race during the 2022 season. We note the preponderance of the MB Conveyors livery used in 8 events. LighTech follows with 3, Ego+ with 1, CAG with 3 and Beta with 5. In particular we note that the Beta Tools sponsorship is concentrated in the last Asian stages of the season, Lightech in the Iberian part - Portugal, Spain (Jerez), Catalunya - while + Ego in the only Misano event.

In 2023, the team's strategy is 90% similar to that illustrated for 2022. It should only be noted that compared to the previous season, this time Beta Utensili has the highest number of title sponsorships.

The considerable logistical effort, it must be remembered, extends not only to liveries and suits but also to all the team's material. The uniforms of the mechanics and team members follow the calendar so as to coordinate perfectly with the vehicles on the track. We offer a small overview of the current season so as to better appreciate what has been described:

As is clearly visible in this analysis, there are many types of approach when it comes to proposing solutions that guarantee investors the right media exposure. The one implemented by Luca Boscoscuro's team is certainly one of the most complex but we are certain that it is the result of long and careful mediation and management work.

We thank the official website of team for images.

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