Its 19-round season visits a total of 16 countries across 4 continents, showcasing the world’s fastest motorcycle racers in three categories comprising Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP – the pinnacle of motorcycling.

Breathtaking races, charismatic and daring ridersunrivalled history and global television coverage generate an unrivalled worldwide reach for MotoGP Championship. This international exposure attracts advertising and sponsorship from numerous, globally recognised brands.

Advertising and sponsorship of MotoGP provides considerable exposure and return-on-investment, which can contribute significantly to achieving specific commercial targets, as demonstrated by the numerous long-term partners associated with the World Championship.


The queen class, MotoGP, enjoys a wide followingnow between live TV, streaming, video on the weband photos, lots of photos. The visibility of the brand is endless on the web. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, just to give some examples, are the most used social networks by the Teams and the pilots and often take on incredible dimensions.

Entering the World Championship with the premier class, the MotoGP, means associating its brand with international companies like Petronas, Michelin, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Repsol, Pramac and Lenovo just to name a few.


Important investments to be associated with the prestigious MotoGP. Sponsorship must be studied, activated and monitored constantly.

MotoGP teams have majestic hospitality in the Motomondiale paddock, promoting excellent B2B opportunities and unique experiences for their partners and customers.


MotoGP is excellent for companies that target international market segments. Great results are achieved with pre-established sponsorship programs.

Many activities can be activated such as photo shootingmeet & greetcorporate events with show bikes and riders, rider interviews, promotional videos.

A total of 207 countries and territories received live or same-day-delayed programming of the 19 Grand Prix held in 2018, with total broadcast hours reaching 31,525.

A total of 9,454 media representatives from 66 countries attended the GPs, with an average of 498 media staff attending each event.

These ever-increasing figures underline the success and continued growth interest in MotoGP around the world.