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The season consists of 19 rounds across a total of 16 countries across 4 continents, showcasing the world's fastest riders in three different categories including Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP – the premier class of motorcycling.

Breathtaking racescharismatic pilots and bold, one unrivaled history and global television coverage generate an unrivaled global reach for the MotoGP championship. This international exposure attracts dealer e sponsorships by numerous recognized brands a global level.

La dealer , sponsorship of MotoGP offer a notable exposure and return on investment, which can contribute significantly to the achievement di commercial objectives specific, as demonstrated by the numerous long-term partners associated with the World Championship.


The queen class, motorcycle, enjoys a now a large following among live TV broadcastsstreaming, videos on the web e Photo, lots of photos. On the web the visibility of the brand is infinite. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube e Twitter, just to give some examples, they are the social networks most used by teams and drivers and often take on incredible dimensions.

Entering the MotoGP with the premier class, the MotoGP, it means associate your brand with international realities like Petronas, Michelin, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Repsol, Pramac e Lenovo just to name a few.


Important investments to be associated with the prestigious MotoGP. There sponsorship va studied, activated e monitored constantly.

Team di MotoGP have majestic hospitalityinside the MotoGP paddock favoring excellent opportunities di B2B ed unique experiencesFor their own businesses e clients.


La MotoGP it is excellent for companies that aim to segments di international market. With programsdi sponsorship pre-established are obtained great results.

Many le organisers' activities which can be activated as for example photo shooting, meet&greet, corporate events with showbikes and riders, interviews with riders, promotional videos.

A total of 2017 countries and territories received live or delayed same-day programming as the 19 Grands Prix in 2018, with 31.525 hours of broadcast time.

There are 9.454 accredited media representatives from 66 countries; an average of 498 professionals who participated in each event.

These ever-increasing figures underline the success and continued interest in growth in MotoGP around the world.

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