Milan – Enterprise Hotel

The new brand of the well-known company Europe Energy was launched, which presents itself on the market as an innovative player, providing unique solutions for managing priority services for the home and the office.

Thanks to WithU, the customer can finally have only one contract, a single invoice, a single commercial and customer care reference and a single App and Customer Area to manage in a simple and quick way their own supplies of electricity, gas, fiber and mobile.

Europe Energy has decided to promote this innovative brand at the Italian Grand Prix at the Mugello Circuit. The event was a great success. Guests of WithU benefited from the many services: box visits, Pit Lane Walk, Paddock Tour, meet & greet with riders and a gourmet lunch thanks to the presence of chef Giancarlo Perbellini (two Michelin stars). A great start for this brand that we will see speeding until the end of the MotoGP Championship season on the bikes of the Team Petronas Yamaha SRT (MotoGP) and Team Petronas Sprinta Racing (Moto2 and Moto3).

Matteo Ballarin, Chairman Europe Energy Group

“For the Europe Energy Group it is a very important step, thanks to WithU we want to bring a revolution to the market and how to deal with the customer. WithU wants to exemplify our way of supporting the customer and satisfying his needs. This offer aims to reach the consumer’s priorities: gas, electricity, mobile and internet connection, now always present in homes and offices.

It is the first time that a family will be able to find a single interlocutor for the satisfaction of the four main needs, having only one contract, a single bill, a single call center. “

Manlio Costantini, CEO Europe Energy Group

“We are proud to be able to announce the launch of new offers designed to give our customers the maximum of services that technology allows us to offer. Simplicity, Value and Service are the cornerstones of our development strategy. Thanks to WithU we have the ambition to offer the best customer service through digital care via APP and our customer care. For our customers also an exclusive service to request support from an app consultant and the promise is to contact them again within a maximum of 5 minutes. In the future the Group will have other services in the IOT world, for safety, health and more that are relevant to customers and will expand the strategy also on foreign markets where it is already present (Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia) and on other areas being evaluated.”