It is now universally recognized that the business network is a central element in developing the competitive capacity of companies.

In an international and competitive environment, companies find an element of structural strengthening in the alliance.

A. Chandler in 1990 stated that “cooperation between companies represents one of the most fruitful and possible paths of development of modern capitalism”. The use of B2B relationships between companies is a phenomenon capable of profoundly modifying the mechanisms of corporate governance, of the economic sectors, in particular the markets redefining the operational boundaries and the business itself.

The evolution of the collaborative approach involves the following benefits:

  • conquest of new markets worldwide;
  • greater customer satisfaction, even for foreign users customer;
  • creation of sectors of absolute excellence;
  • shorter development and production times, through the integration of Customers, Partners and Suppliers;
  • more strength to the innovation of competitive products and services;
  • shorter development times and optimization of stocks;
  • greater strength and cohesion with respect to Customers and competitors outside the network.

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