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Formula E is, together with MotoE, Extreme-E and E-Xplorer, the vanguard of a new possible way of motorsport using alternative technologies. The advantage of having no emissions allows the vehicles involved in these series to explore new possibilities. If for MotoE the circuits are the same as their internal combustion engine counterparts, for 4 wheels this opportunity translates into races in special contexts. Extreme and This, combined with the specificity of the propulsion, helps to attract a rather specific and alternative type of investors to traditional trophies.

the positive trend in terms of audience and revenue means that there are now over 300 million spectators over the 15 races. The average year-on-year growth is between 25 and 32%.

To underline this typicality, we proceed to analyze the format in its entirety: we discover both within the organization and going team by team what the active sponsorships are for the current season.

First of all, let's start with the companies that are official partners of the entire championship and that we find at various levels on the cars and on all the supports and materials inside the paddock and in official communications.

Key partners

ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) is the official partner of the championship which also appears in the Formula E logo itself and in the complete title. The half-Swiss, half-Swedish company is active in the energy, robotics and automation sectors and saw the series as an opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase its technologies. It is the sixth year of this partnership which began in 2018.

Julius Baer is among the founding members of the series now in the "far" 2014. Its agreement envisages continuing as a global partner until 2026. The company is the main Swiss private asset management bank and therefore mainly deals with the management of capital and private investments.

Hankook is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. This South Korean company has officially become a supplier and partner of Formula E starting from 2022. The championship is used to develop new production dynamics: the tires used in the race are in fact suitable for use in both dry and wet conditions and are 30% built with renewable materials. All this guarantees considerable savings in materials and emissions.

The last of the main partners is Sabic, a Saudi company mostly owned by Aramco. It also operates in the oil field with a specific commitment in the chemical and industrial polymers sectors: it concentrates its commitment in Formula E precisely on this last product, to promote the program called Bluehero. This is a program aimed at developing and supplying innovative materials for the automotive sector that help its transition towards sustainable mobility.

Technical partners

The insurance group Allianz has been a partner of the championship since its first season: inside the paddock it brings the Allianz E-Village, a space dedicated to involving the public on topics such as innovation, sustainability and experimentation.

Antofagasta Minerals is an Anglo-Chilean mining company. It became part of the Formula E world in 2018 with the sponsorship of the first E-Prix in Santiago de Chile. Since the following year it has been the official partner of the entire series. Being among the main copper suppliers globally, it has identified an important avenue of development in the electric car market (and its sporting meaning). For 1 year it has converted its extraction plants to operate with renewable energy and from 2025 it will use 90% recycled or desalinated water for its activities.

The German multinational Bosch is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive components. It is therefore logical that it is the center of attention in an era that marks the transition of vehicles from thermal to electric propulsion. The Formula E Championship is the ideal scenario for the brand to particularly promote its services aimed at urban micro-mobility and the cities of the future.

Remaining in Germany we meet the group Hugo Boss, which became Formula E's first partner in the clothing sector in 2017. The members of the organization of the various events therefore enjoy this exclusive provision. The brand also takes advantage of the presence of competitions in cities of global importance to communicate its products and new initiatives.

copper.co is an English company that provides institutional solutions for the custody and trading of digital assets. It therefore holds the role of official partner of the series for all digital services for investors.

DHL is the official logistics service of the championship. The German company faces the commitment as a dual challenge: on the one hand, ensuring that the over 415 tons of material are always available in the locations and on the established dates. This value includes all the organisation's supports, cars, team equipment, batteries, tyres. On the other hand, carry out the task in the most sustainable way possible through a multimodal platform that integrates air-naval-railway-road transport and replacing fossil fuels with biofuel where permitted.

Heineken is one of the largest brewers in the world. It has in its portfolio over 300 premium brands from all over the world which can be found at the various stages of the season. The urban environment then fits perfectly with the idea of ​​being able to enjoy a race without traveling too far from home. The paddock is also the ideal context for promoting the "Brewing a Better World" campaign which encourages responsible consumption.

Moët & Chandon it has been the official champagne of Formula E for 5 seasons and espouses its aims to comply with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, the Maison is committed to a program to reduce the carbon footprint of its production and to safeguard biodiversity.

Saudia is the Saudi national airline and official partner of the series for 4 years. Thanks to the "Take your seat" campaign, it ensures connections to and from all the grand prix venues as well as experiences dedicated to spectators.

The Swiss brand Tag Heuer has been a partner of the Championship since its launch in 2014 and is the official timing system in the series. Adherence to the values ​​means that the company is making an effort to offset its emissions through the activation of dedicated projects on Swiss soil. In addition to this position Tag Heuer is also directly involved as title sponsor of Team Porsche. But for further information on the teams, we refer you to the second part of the article.

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