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In the first part of this lengthy analysis we looked at the brands that support the Formula E Championship: let's now move on to discover the sponsors of the individual teams.


Starting with ABT-Cupra we meet of course Cupra, the new brand from Seat dedicated to sportier and electric vehicles. The name is a cross between the terms Cup and Racer, emphasizing the racing nature of the vehicles. Abt, which stands for Abt Sportsline GmbH, is a German high-performance components company dedicated precisely to the cars of the Volkswagen Group (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda).

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is also a German company that has been making transportation and mobility components for more than a century. Its presence in the series stems from its work in building the drivetrain, developed in cooperation with Mahindra, that equips the 2 cars.

The team's second partner is Südpack, a manufacturer of films for food, medical and general packaging. This is a partnership that began 2 years ago within the DTM, the German Touring Car Championship.

Avalanche Andretti

The Avalanche Andretti team presents Avalanche as the title sponsor. It is an open source blockchain through which various assets can be created: contracts, nft, tokens, decentralized applications.

Prysmian Group is the world's leading manufacturer of power transmission and telecommunications cables, a position achieved over the years through the acquisitions of Draka and General Cable. The agreement with the U.S. team includes support and supply of materials and facilities in electrification.

Crowe UK, a detachment of Crowe Global, is one of the top 10 accounting networks in the world. The partnership with Andretti-Avalanche stipulates that the UK firm will provide support in managing relationships with the International Federation and organizers especially at the level of expense control and compliance with parameters.

The Indiana logo that stands out at the end of the side gondolas, immediately before the rear tires, identifies the U.S. state itself. Specifically, it is from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation's brand: the idea is to use the visibility provided by the series to raise global awareness of Indiana's commitment to clean energy availability and access to entrepreneurial resources.

DS Penske

DS Penske was born from the joint effort of the French premium brand from Citroen's home with the stable formerly known as Dragon Racing, which has always been active in the full-electric series. The Penske name is an institution in motorsport, but in this case we are talking about the stable born of the will of the famous Rofer's son, Jay. Since the latter is the owner of the large media group Penske Media Corporation (PMC), many of the brands we find on the car are part of that company's portfolio.

Variety is a historical magazine founded over a century ago. It deals mainly with entertainment with special reference to the world of movies. Today the 3 print versions are accompanied by a website.

Rolling Stone is part of the same publishing house and covers music, lifestyle, current affairs and society. Also appearing in the PMC basket is Sportico, a site dedicated to the creation and dissemination of sports-themed content: statistics, analysis, data and news.

Vibe Magazine is the magazine that covers music but with a focus on hip hop, r'n'b and black music in general. Robb Report, on the other hand, ranges on all things style and luxury, from homes to cars, accessories to travel as well as boating, food, etc.

Billboard is the weekly music magazine whose charts have long been one of the absolute benchmarks of the scene. WWD - Women's Wear Daily - is a fashion industry trade magazine founded in New York by Edmund Fairchild on July 13, 1910. It has been so influential that it has earned the nickname "Fashion Bible." It deals mainly with trend changes and news in the fashion industry for men and women.

Yahoo! is a historic search engine and portal for web services. For the past 2 years it has returned to its classic name after being part of the Verizon Media package. Just as this article is being published the service is abandoning the content publishing business in favor of mail and search services.

Srmg stands for Saudi Research and Media Group. It is a publishing company responsible for the publication of numerous Arabic-language periodicals.

Total Energies is a French oil company, identified until a few years ago by the simple acronym Total. It has been involved within Formula E since the series' inception: its partnership with its compatriot team, DS, involves the supply of special lubricants for the car's power unit components. The studies and experiments carried out in this competition allow the company to develop products suitable for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

The acronym Sxsw stands for South by Southwest, a film music festival held annually in Austin, Texas. As it is also the site of numerous meetings and conferences, Formula E personalities were able to take advantage of the event to spread further knowledge about the championship and its goals.

Mouser Electronics is one of the top 10 global distributors of semiconductors and electronic components. it is joined in this partnership by TTI, Molex (a company specializing in electrical connection manufacturing) and Kyocera AVX. The latter company has a wide range of productions ranging from components for industry, electronic devices, advanced power generation and transportation systems.

TTI is a U.S. distributor of electronic products including capacitors, resistors, connectors, switches, relays, sensors, etc.

Envision Racing

Team Envision is a direct emanation of the Envision Group. It is a large company committed to the pivotal themes of the championship: in fact, it makes renewable energy production systems in addition to infrastructure and devices for electric mobility, charging. This is complemented by the development of software for managing and monitoring emissions and consumption.

Algorand is a blockchain protocol with a related cryptocurrency, called Algo. The infrastructure was developed by an Italian professor at MIT Boston and is now used by several countries to develop their own virtual currencies, by FIFA for its digital assets, by SIAE and the Bank of Italy.

The stable has a multi-year agreement with the Japanese chemical-pharmaceutical group Teijin, a company active in the development of high-performance fibers and polymers. The championship is used both for brand promotion and to trigger actions to improve efficiency and reduce harmful impacts.

Genpact is a large enterprise services company that can provide an entire ecosystem of digital and business products. The partnership with Envision involves Genpact engineers being directly involved with the track team in advanced data collection and analysis so that more efficient decision-making systems can be developed with the support of artificial intelligence.

Johnson Matthey is a British multinational chemical company using synergy with Envision to develop innovative battery technologies and materials. As a result of these studies, the company is opening a production site for nickel batteries specifically for advanced mobility.

The team's cybersecurity is entrusted to Paloalto Networks, a U.S.-based company engaged specifically in the development of web and cloud solutions for cybersecurity and protection.

Jaguar TCS


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is India's leading software and information systems development group. The multi-year synergy with Jaguar, whose title sponsor it is, involves using the championship as a platform for studying infrastructure useful for electric mobility and providing data collection and analysis services for the sport. The sports relationship and title sponsorship follow an already active business relationship between the two entities.

Wolfspeed is a U.S. semiconductor company that has been active in the series since 2017. In fact, the competitive activity is instrumental in the development of high-performance battery storage and charging devices.

The partnership between Castrol and Jaguar has its roots in motorsport's most glorious past. Today, this union is renewed in a completely different environment: even in electric motors, however, there is a need for lubricants and greases that minimize friction and friction so as to increase efficiency as much as possible.

Gkn automotive is a British brand specializing in transmission systems both conventional and aimed at the world of hybrid and electric vehicles. With the team on the track, it provides technology and operations support through its products and technicians.

Dow Mobility Science is the division of chemical giant Dow Chemicals dedicated-as the name implies-to the study of innovative solutions for vehicles and the automotive industry in general. It is an Official Materials Science Partner, a term that indicates research into the construction materials of the car and its systems.

Micro Focus is entrusted with advanced data collection and analysis including through artificial intelligence. The British multinational company is involved in software development and IT solutions spanning all facets of governance, communication, marketing, and administration. Vertica, another brand we meet on the body, is Micro Focus' product line dedicated to the world of big data.

Mahindra racing

Analyzing the partners of Indian automaker Mahindra we find Nippon Audio, a Japanese company focused on the study and production of advanced telematics and vehicle infotainment systems.

Tech Mahindra was born out of a joint venture between the Mahindra Group and British Telecommunications. For the team, the technology and IT services giant performs-as we have seen in some previous examples-the function of collecting and analyzing data, which is then processed in a predictive formula to provide useful insights for sports activities.

As in the case of ABT-Cupra, here Zf is also responsible for making the car's drivetrain.

Shell supplies Mahindra with transmission lubrication products known as e-fluids.

Sygnia is the team's global cybersecurity partner and offers comprehensive protection services for all sensitive data and software used in the league.

One8 is a sportswear and accessories brand created by Indian champion and former national cricket team captain Virat Kohli. It provides the team with apparel and all lifestyle support.

The riders' suits are supplied by Italy's Omp, which signed a multi-year agreement with the Indiana team in 2020.

Coral Eyewear is a company in the eyewear field. In the past, it has developed dedicated partnerships with Mahindra drivers to produce limited-run product series.

Maurice Lacroix is a Swiss watch factory and partners Mahindra as its official timekeeping system.

One of the longest-standing partners is Rockfort Engineering: this company can design and build advanced vehicle dynamics and propulsion systems. The engineers have great experience in motorsports competition having already worked for Formula 1, WRC, Lmp1 and more.

Maserati MSG

Maserati made its landing in the electric single-seater championship just this past season: it took over the Venturi Racing seat and structure and will participate as Maserati Monaco Sports Group Racing. It is the first Italian brand to debut in the series and the second in the Stellantis group after DS Automobyles with which it shares the technical and moto-propulsion base.

Stoli-whose name is derived from the historic vodka Stolichnaya-is a Russian group that produces and distributes spirits to more than 175 markets.

Hewlett packard enterprise (HPE) has been involved in the Formula E Championship since 2018. First alongside Venturi and since 2023 as the main partner of Maserati. This technology industry giant uses these kinds of initiatives to study products and solutions aimed at sustainable IT process management. The HPE Greenlake brand is also promoted on the car, which identifies the Edge to Cloud branch of software, i.e., hybrid solutions to help companies in their most specific needs in data collection and processing.This infrastructure is obviously put at the service of the team to ensure maximum efficiency in defining decision-making processes.

Lukka is one of the team's main partners. This company operates in the field of financial analysis in cryptocurrency and blockchain and provides operators with advanced management and administration services.

Craft 1861 is a New Mexico company that offers an innovative approach to body care and wellness. Its hemp and hemp derivative (CBD) products are indicated for sleep, stress and post-stress recovery for athletes. In addition to Formula E, the commitment to competitions was realized last year with the official partnership as "wellness partner" with the MotoGP organizers and Team Pramac.

Neom mclaren

McLaren has taken over the team that for years raced (and won) under the Mercedes EQ brand. The new team has a title sponsor, which then is the only brand to appear on the livery besides the collective ones in the series. This brand is featured in a partnership that also extends to Extreme-E, the other series dedicated to electric cars but in this case Off Road.

Neom is the name of a city being planned and built that will rise in the northern part of Saudi Arabia. Within it will be located Oxagon, a giant floating industrial hub. McLaren is among the investors in the Oxagon Research and Innovation Campus, which will function as an accelerator for advanced initiatives aimed at sustainability and efficiency.

Nio 333

Nio 333 Racing is the name of the stable of the Chinese electric vehicle brand NIO. It is a historical reality of the championship being present since the first edition. The inscriptions on the very recognizable livery are related to the NIO brand and ER9, the name of the car model used.

We also find the logo of Lisheng Sports, formerly Shanghai Lisheng Racing, the group that provides technical sports support for the campaign and is also active in ETCR.


As in the case of Mahindra, with Nissan Shell is also experimenting with new technologies in the search for maximum performance to then take to everyday roads. In addition to the classic logo of the petrochemical giant, under which the e-fluids needed to operate the transmission are distributed, we find that of Shell Recharge. As the name suggests this is the facility dedicated to recharging electric vehicles.

As for the technical clothing of the team's men, Nissan is joined by The Woolmark Company, one of the most important companies in the field of Merino wool. Precisely in this natural fiber obtained from sustainable farms are composed the uniforms used during the season

Tag Heuer Porsche

The team name indicates the title sponsorship of the Swiss watch brand. Tag is also, as described in the previous article, a supporter of the series as an official partner.

We have seen how Hugo Boss is already one of the official partners of the trophy. In addition to this, the German brand has been cooperating with Team Porsche - already for 4 years - as a supplier of all team and drivers' clothing.

The partnership between ExxonMobil and Porsche, particularly Porsche Motorsport, has been going on for many years in numerous categories, from granturismo racing to endurance racing. In the case of racing for electric cars, Mobil has developed a line of lubricants, called EV, specifically for the transmissions of this type of powertrain.

Puma has been supporting the Porsche team since 2019 and providing the team members with footwear and all technical safety clothing.

Ansys is a group that develops engineering simulation software. It supports the stable through products that help Porsche engineers define the best strategies to maximize engine and transmission performance and efficiency. Through the collection and processing of all the data, simulation strategies can be defined in order to visualize all the scenarios and opportunities arising from the activity on the track.

Henkel has activated a partnership with Porsche in 2022 that will feature the Loctite brand on cars. At the technical level, this relationship envisions TAG Heuer Porsche benefiting from a wide range of products including high-performance epoxy adhesives, blockers, filler adhesives, threadlockers, structural adhesives, joint sealers, and instant adhesives.

Cato Networks is a cybersecurity company that provides Porsche with SASE secure access services throughout the season so as to ensure protection for the large amount of data used and the certainty of stable and secure connections.

Those listed are all the brands that appear on the bodies and suits of the various teams. Each team's basket then enjoys the support of numerous other companies whose agreements do not, however, provide for display on vehicles and clothing.

If you would like to find out more interesting facts about the world of sponsorships keep following our blog, if you would like to join motorsport as an investor, don't hesitate to contact us!

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