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How much does it cost to become a sponsor?


It is certainly the most immediate question and the one around which the decision to undertake or not a career in motorsport very often revolves.

We are here to give you a more complete overview of the various opportunities offered by this world and to dispel some beliefs. To further simplify the matter, let's examine three examples relating to as many spending intervals.

10K - 50K

We find ourselves in front of the entrance threshold. With this type of disbursement we must think of a commitment limited to specific situations capable of ensuring a good return in a well-studied area. For example, a presence dedicated to a limited number of events in a particular territory or during the race weekend on the "home" circuit. By doing so it is possible to have good visibility to convey through the various channels made available and to make the initiative coincide with significant moments in the life of the company. In a logic of targeted involvement, there are options that do not provide external visibility but rather a presence in hospitality or supply opportunities for events or situations linked to the racing scene. This path is very useful for those who want to expand their market through the creation of specific opportunities.

Rudy Project
Fizeta sponsorship on Fantic Racing Moto2

50K - 250K

By increasing the amount made available to the initiative, you can extend the presence of your brand on an annual scale. Sizing on fairings, suits, clothing and pit and truck surfaces is small but the number of sessions and races can ensure significant exposure time. If you prefer to concentrate the investment in a different formula, you can opt for an alternative solution to the seasonal one: for example a main sponsorship or a much more visible presence for a single race or for all the events in a particular country.

250K – +1M

By choosing larger investments you can obviously enjoy superior image returns. With figures in the order of hundreds of thousands of euros, your brand will appear in larger proportions even in the top classes. Pure brand awareness can be combined with initiatives involving pilots such as being able to make use of their presence on certain occasions. The same thing goes for motorbikes that can be used as show bikes at events and anniversaries. Pilots can become testimonials for brands and services and appear in multi-channel advertising campaigns. The highest levels are obviously those of title sponsorship and main sponsorship: in this case obviously the activity of a team will be inextricably linked to that of the brand, maximizing its popularity. Such investments can easily reach figures in the order of 10 million euros for a multi-year agreement. However, there are strategies capable of reducing these costs, such as dividing the effort with other companies by alternating the presence on the vehicles or sponsoring only one of the vehicles. Let's think, for example, of what has been successfully carried out for years by Lucio Cecchinello's LCR team or by Luca Boscoscuro with Speed ​​Up.

Toprak Razgatlıoğlu

In addition to these "bands", there are a series of different paths capable of satisfying the most complex or unique needs.

If you don't want to tie the brand's output to the results or dynamics of a team or driver, you can invest directly in the circuits or in specific areas within your company.

Each stage is in fact characterized by a title sponsorship that characterizes it in the calendar. All the areas close to the track and the trackside billboards are highly visible spaces as they are strategically positioned to ensure maximum exposure in every shot. The same goes for highlights, such as specific sessions or results (fastest lap, pole position, driver of the day, etc.).

How is the value of a sponsorship calculated?

The evaluation of a sponsorship is a fundamental parameter when establishing new business relationships between brands. Measuring its possible effect is complex because it must take into account a large number of factors. However, many of them are not easy to read and it is therefore vital to develop a strategy to highlight all the advantages of this type of initiative.
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Why turn to an agency

This overview essentially allows you to convey a concept: that every spending capacity can correspond to a functional opportunity for your business. And that the effectiveness of an investment is directly proportional to being able to measure its results and coordinate its dynamics.

The opportunities offered by the world of sponsorship are many and varied, and it is here that our team of specialists can suggest customized solutions and ad hoc strategies.

Our agency takes into consideration various key factors of the company, such as geolocation, the reference territory, the products offered, the target markets and plans for the future. We also analyze company policies regarding sustainability, gender equality, etc. Thanks to this detailed analysis, we can identify the most suitable solutions for the specific needs of the company and propose a range of teams, drivers or championships to consider together.

In this way, the company can benefit not only from the broad visibility offered by motorsport, but also from a sponsorship strategy tailored to its specific needs, which maximizes its return on investment.

Fabio Barchitta with Luigi Dall'Igna and Michele Pirro

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