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Fantic is a historic Italian two-wheel brand. It is the protagonist of a commercial and sporting rebirth path that sees participation in the Moto2 World Championship as one of the most visible dynamics. The team has picked up the legacy of Team VR46, now engaged only in MotoGP, and with it a series of structures and commercial partnerships.

They are being joined by several new sponsors by activating additional partnerships. Being part of a large regional network - VeNetWork - provides a mutual opportunity. For the team because the surface of the bike and all other media can convey the brands that are part of it by giving them greater notoriety. For the team because it can count on a good number of investors who continuously or in rotation support the initiative.

Let us now analyze them in detail.

  • Mooney is a company created in December 2019 from the merger of SisalPay and Banca 5 - Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Its goal is to make payment services and transactions until now available only at bank branches always at your fingertips thanks to a network of more than 45,000 points of sale - bars, tobacconists and newsstands - perfectly integrated with the most modern digital platforms. The partnership with VR46 began last year and extended to MotoGP and Moto2. With Fantic taking over the team in the cadet category Mooney has maintained its supporting role. The collaboration with the team resulted in the VR46 Card, a product distinguished by personalized graphics that allows access to exclusive promotions as well as a free branded gadget.
  • Mespic is a Faenza-based company that makes integrated systems for the "end of the line," i.e., packaging, canning and transportation.
  • Bottecchia is a leading name in Italian cycling. It is now close to a century old, having been founded in 1924 in Vittorio Veneto by the very famous rider Ottavio Bottecchia after winning the Tour de France. Since last year it has been owned by Fantic: the joint venture is focused on extending the range in the area of electric bikes. The presence of the logo is highly visible on the upper part of the fairings and alternates with the Caballero inscription that indicates the most famous model produced in the motorcycle field.
  • Lino Sonego is a Treviso-based company that makes technical seating, mainly for gaming, sports and cinema/theaters. It has long been a protagonist of different collaborations in the sports sector: over the years, the brand has appeared on the jerseys of Sampdoria. Also of note is the Lino Sonego Team Italia engaged for years in major sailing competitions at the international level. For Fantic he makes the seats that the 2 riders use when they are not riding.
  • Max Cases is a range of products owned by Panaro. This is a Modenese company with over 60 years of history that produces logistics and transportation solutions. Max specifically is the line of watertight boxes and cases ideal for fishing, riding and transporting sensitive equipment. It partners with Fantic specifically to provide support in the transportation of special equipment: its sporting involvement extends to motocross, autocross, rally raids and jet skiing.
  • Iconsulting is an agency active between Bologna Milan and Rome that has been involved in advanced analytics and data processing for structuring digital transformation systems for more than 20 years.
  • With +350 client companies and +100,000 active users TAC (Touch And Contact) is the leading provider of digital business cards to companies in Italy. With its business features and corporate Dashboard TAC is able to provide services for 360-degree relational management, helping companies save time on outdated procedures, innovate, show innovation in the market, plant trees and save on CO2 emission.
  • In the province of Bergamo, we find Foramec, a rather young company that is involved in the production of micropiles for piling and construction of foundation systems.
  • DTS is a consulting company for the supply of electricity and natural gas. Established in Varese in 2008, DTS draws on the many years of experience of its staff, consolidated in the main Italian energy companies active in both renewable and traditional sources. DTS is also a business partner of Duferco Energia Spa, a Duferco Group company active in Italy since 2010.
  • DBK Special parts was born from the experience of Ducabike and Performance Technology to offer a new catalog of special accessories to meet the needs of all motorcyclists. The Ducabike brand, as can be guessed, has carved out an important space in the world of special parts for motorcycles from the Borgo Panigale manufacturer. Now the company extends its reach to a much wider range of makes and models.
  • Schumacher Electric is headquartered in Dallas/Fort Wort, Texas. It designs and manufactures a full range of power conversion products, including battery chargers, testers, maintainers, emergency starters, portable power, lithium and electric vehicle charging as well as custom transformers for the electronics industry. It can rely on a proprietary global supply chain that includes plants in China, Mexico and Belgium.
  • Quattroerre Italia is the most important company in Europe in the field of self-adhesive after-market decorations. The company has been operating in the sector for over forty years, dealing mainly with products for the motor and sports sector but also addressing different areas (nautical, industrial...).
  • Akrapovic is one of the leading suppliers of exhaust systems on the market. In fact, in addition to racing components, the Slovenian company makes special parts for production motorcycles. It can currently be found on the grids of numerous championships with official supplies to various teams: Ducati, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha just to name a few in Motogp and SBK.
  • Dunlop has been a partner of MotoGP since the establishment of the World Championship in 1949. Until the end of 2023, it is the sole supplier of the Moto2 and Moto3 classes. As a result, its brand is present on all participating bikes.
  • Iveco has signed an agreement with the VR46 team through which its S-Ways transport equipment throughout Europe. The all-Italian truck brand, has made several customized vehicles available to the Mooney VR46 Racing Team for 4 years. Fantic benefits from this agreement after taking over the part of the team engaged in Moto2.
  • VeNetWork spa, an investment company set up in 2011 on the initiative of about 50 entrepreneurs from the Veneto region, bought Fantic Motor spa for €2 million and they have put up another €5 million to invest within five years to relaunch the historic motorcycle company in Dosson (Treviso), with the goal of reaching €50 million in sales by 2019.
  • Motorex is a lubricant manufacturer born in Langenthal, Switzerland, more than a century ago. It is also involved in MotoGP with KTM and in off-road.
  • Triumph is the official supplier of engines used by all teams in the Moto2 class
  • In the area of technical supplies we find Regina Chain. This company enjoys a history of more than 100 years (its birth dates back to 1919) and has the distinction of being led by the same family for as many as 4 generations. In its factories, starting with the first one in Cernusco Lombardone, it produces roller chains and conveyor belts for industrial use and chains for motorcycles.
  • WRS is an Italian company based in Tavullia that has been active in the development and production of high-performance parts since 2008. In this case, fairings, which it makes for both road and racing applications. It supplies, in addition to Fantic Racing, the Pata Yamaha, Team Pramac, Team BMW Motorrad, Team Mooney and WithU in MotoGP, Leopard, Snipers and many others.
  • Founded in 1974, MUT Meccanica Tovo Spa has played an increasingly important role among various international manufacturers of components and valves for HVAC products and systems. It designs, develops and totally manufactures in its production facilities control systems for thermal systems, motorized valves, heat exchangers, accessories and valves for solar and biomass systems, valves and components for industrial thermal systems, actuators and integrated systems for applications. Its offerings can cover from small domestic systems to large industrial plants.
  • Fizeta is a company in Salzano--in the province of Venice--that deals with the production and maintenance of circular saw blades. The product range can count on HM and HSS items, that is, dedicated to cutting both ferrous and nonferrous materials as well as for special applications. The Fizeta production system makes use of all the world's most advanced machinery and tools. We at Fastback contributed to the establishment of this partnership, you can find more information about it at this link.
  • MFN Metal Carpentry S.R.L. is based in Valbrembo and has been operating on the market since 2013. The company's strong point is the owner's 20 years of experience in the industry, a great connoisseur of iron and steel manufactures and structures.
  • RCB, an acronym for Racing Boy (and formerly Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd) is a Malaysian company engaged in the production and distribution of high-performance after-market components. It is an official partner of Fantic, VR46 and several other world championship teams.
  • BST Bolt and the production team have over 25 years of experience in the specialized fixing industry. BST Bolt has been supporting riders and teams for many years in various competitions such as Formula 1, Karting, Vendée Globe, Downhill MTB, MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, WSBK, EWC, Stunt, Road Racing: it is the official supplier of Team VR46 and Fantic Racing.
  • Ventive is an investment and advisory firm for innovative startups and SMEs with a mission to support them in their growth. It helps companies overcome obstacles during their growth path to achieve success in a sustainable and lasting way.
  • Abrex-System S.r.l. of Castel Guelfo is a reality in the industrial fabric of the province of Bologna. Founded in 1982 by transforming and marketing flexible abrasives, at the end of the 1980s it started its production with the Platelets for electric and/or pneumatic random orbital machines and the first manual pads, thanks to which the company communicates and consolidates its image in the field of "dry sanding" accessories production.

In addition to these brands we find a number of companies that focus their involvement in other ways within the team. They include Roberto Alimentare, which recently joined this group through the mediation of Fastback. You can find the article in riguado here.

Fastback actively collaborates with Fantic Racing in seeking and activating new sponsorships and partnerships. You can contact us here to find more information and enter the world of MotoGp!

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