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Axel Bassani is now one of the certainties of the World Superbike Championship. If last year one could in fact speak of a revelation, the consistency of performance of the rider from Bergamo and his team makes him a fixed presence in the top positions, often ahead of official bikes.

This is despite the fact that Axel is the bearer of a private team that certainly cannot compete in means and budget with the manufacturers' teams. However, the skill of the team and the rider allowed them to graduate Best Independent Team and Best Independent Rider in 2022.

As is often the case, Team Motocorsa must rely on a large number of investors to reach the overall budget needed to tackle an entire season in the top series derivatives category. This is a usual situation when one cannot count on a munificent main sponsor. Motocorsa was born from the experience of a former rider, Lorenzo Mauri: in fact, in addition to the Ducati dealer-workshop, this reality has for years incorporated a racing department that has gradually arrived on the world stage. As might be expected, numerous names come from the same area of origin as the team, Lurago d'Erba.

Analyzing the livery of the Panigale V4R, we see this set of entities that we go into below.

  • Borgo Speedgear is a luxury clothing brand with roots dating back to 1910. The production of this Italian house includes both garments and accessories such as bags and shoes.
  • Concreta is a company in the province of Sondrio specializing in "contract" furnishings, i.e., for companies, hotels, commercial and residential facilities. It has been a sponsor of Team Motocorsa since the 2021 season.
  • Èpiù is a brand that has represented Padania Alimenti, a company founded in 1952 in the province of Cremona, since 2004. It is alongside Lorenzo Mauri, founder and owner of the stable since its beginnings in the Italian Championship.
  • Terenghi Food Representations is a sole proprietorship in the province of Como that deals in brokerage and buying and selling of food and beverages.
  • ProUp 20g is an egg white-based protein drink, free of milk and sugar. It is sponsored by Axel Bassani as of this season.
  • Vetorix is a Veneto-based company focused on advanced inspection systems. The proposed solutions allow minimal or no invasiveness of the artifacts against exhaustive and in-depth results. Vetorix collaborates with Ducati Corse in the analysis of motorcycle racing components and beyond.
  • Gioielleria Veronelli is located in Lurago D'Erba, where M.Motocorsa itself is based.
  • Brenta is a brand of Frenotecnica, a Rovereto-based company specializing in specific components for high-performance braking systems. In addition to Motocorsa it equips other teams in SBK, Motogp and motocross.
  • DP Special Parts is named after the initials of its founder. In fact, it was Paolo Dondi who created it about 35 years ago in Pesaro-his idea was to build high-performance components for motorcycling. Today there are many teams that rely on the Marche-based company to prototype and build specific parts.
  • Domino is a brand present in virtually every 2-wheel category since the early 1980s. The Lecco-based company's products are distributed by Tommaselli and can be found equally in speed (Superbike, MotoGP and national championships) as in off-road.
  • Pirelli is the sole tire supplier for the entire category and its presence is therefore mandatory on all models engaged in the race.
  • Generali is a Trieste-based group active in insurance and finance. It has previously been a sponsor of Ducati in MotoGP, at the time of Valentino Rossi's experience with the Italian manufacturer, to be precise. In the case of Team Motocorsa, the specific logo of the agency closest in territory to the team's headquarters, Lecco, appears on the fairings.
  • Located in Lecco, Arbo is a company active in the production of contract clothing.
  • H20 Performance Radiators is a brand of Galletto Radiatori that identifies competition-specific models. It has been alongside Motocorsa since the days when the Como-based team competed in Superstock 1000.
  • Cereda Ambrogio Srl is a company in the province of Monza Brianza that has been involved in the collection, transportation, disposal and recovery of hazardous and nonhazardous waste for 50 years.
  • Ognibene was founded in Bologna in 1978 to deal with the production of gears and industrial components for 2-wheel vehicles. Through its line dedicated to high performance and racing, Trofeo, it equips Team Motocorsa and other teams in numerous categories. It is a historic distributor of the DID brand-which in fact we find on the swingarm-as well as being original equipment for Ducati and Fantic road vehicles. D.I.D is the world's largest supplier of motorcycle chains. Founded in Japan in 1933, it is part of the DAIDO KOGYO CO. group, LTD. Of which it represents the division dedicated expressly to two-wheelers. It is a partner of numerous teams in both MotoGP and Superbike (in addition to its involvement in off-road).
  • Butti Foundry SRL - aluminum - province of Lecco
  • Plastic Bike, founded in 1977 as Savemo Plastic and known by its current name since 1981, is an Alessandria-based company that makes fiberglass and carbon fiber fairings and parts. It collaborates with numerous World Supersport Championship teams, with Mv Agusta in Moto 2 and with Yamaha and the Motocorsa team in Superbike.
  • Origgi e Colombo is an Erba-based company that has been making and distributing food products to various channels - large-scale distribution, wholesale, industry, hotels and restaurants - since 1957. These are specifically cold cuts, sausages and butcher's items in general.
  • Axel Bassani's bike is easily identified not only by its livery but also by the special Termignoni exhaust that equips it. All other bikes from the Borgo Panigale manufacturer are in fact equipped with Akrapovic systems, but independent teams are allowed to intervene on their vehicles by replacing certain components under specific supply agreements. Motocorsa has been adopting Italian exhausts for several years: until 2021 with a solution similar to the one employed lately by the factory team, but in the last 2 years Axel's Panigale V4R sports a more compact system, completely in titanium, with a small twin-exit silencer drowned in the tail. Ducati engineers are following the development of these solutions with interest in order to carry out comparative tests.
  • The history of Stm is inextricably linked to the racing world and specifically to Ducati. In fact, it is precisely the slipper clutches introduced by the Chieri-based manufacturer that have accompanied the Borgo Panigale motorcycles to success on several occasions. Today this reality collaborates with the most prestigious manufacturers: Ducati, HRC, KTM and many others.
  • Effesalumi is a company in Lombardy-the province of Lecco-that produces and distributes cured meats both in local establishments and with larger companies.
  • Tieffepi Srl - TFP - is based in Mozzo in the province of Bergamo and manufactures conveyor belts and handling systems for industry. It has been among the investors of Team Motocorsa since 2020.
  • The San Miniato Steakhouse has been supporting Team Motocorsa and its rider in his world adventure since this season.
  • Fuchsfelge PVM entered the world of motorcycle racing in 2022 through equipping Bmw motorcycles on the grid, both those of the official team and those of Bonovo Action. This brand marks the collaboration of two historic signatures such as Fuchs (historic its products for Porsche) and PVM itself. Team Motocorsa has joined the ranks of teams that use Teutonic products.

Inside our blog you can find many analyses like this one of the other protagonists of the MotoGP and Superbike Championships.

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