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Team LCR has always accustomed us to great dynamism when it comes to sponsors. It is no coincidence that again this year the team founded by Lucio Cecchinello is the only one to field 2 bikes with completely different liveries to meet the needs of the companies involved. Let's specifically analyze the one ridden by Alex Marquez this season.

We had talked about this kind of innovative approach precisely with Lucio in this interesting interview: let us now analyze one of the bikes in question, namely that of Alex Marquez. Although more "stable" than in past seasons, even in 2022 there was a special dedicated livery: it is the one to main sponsor Castrol employed at the Indonesian stage at the Mandalika circuit.

Despite the simultaneous presence of many shades (white, red, blue, green) the color scheme is pleasant and convincing. The main sponsor is Givi, a brand from Brescia in the motorcycle industry for which it has been producing accessories such as bags, top cases and the like since 1978. The association with Cecchinello has been going on for almost 30 years now, since the days of Team Honda Givi in 125, even before the Venetian rider founded his own team. It is therefore confirmed as one of the most solid and long-lasting ties in the entire category.

Sifi has accompanied LCR's MotoGP adventure since as far back as 2015. Throughout all these years, the Catanian company, a true point of reference in the field of ophthalmology, has seen its logo present on the Honda RC213V. In addition to providing visibility in the international arena, the team has been able to join forces with the partner in order to develop studies aimed at improving riders' visual performance.

In the lower part of the fairing, immediately above the race number, we find the logo of Custom, an international group that makes professional solutions for printing and scanning as well as data management and protection. Again we are talking about a relationship that has been in existence for a good 7 years and that in some seasons has allowed the brand to become title sponsor for a good part of the year's races, alternating with other investors.

Sena Technologies is a company founded in 1998 and operating in the development and production of bluetooth communication systems. It is in its third year on the Italian team's motorcycles.

Lavor has been a 4-year supplier of systems and products for cleaning motorcycles, equipment, paddocks and generally all team spaces, including headquarters.

Agos is the finance company of the Credit Agricole group. It is one of the leading financing companies in the Italian market with more than 9 million customers: among them, many require loans for the purchase of 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles, and the alliance with a MotoGP team is accordingly strategic. The relationship began in 2015.

On the swingarm of the RC213V we find the logo of Fedegari Group, a large industrial group capable of making autoclaves, cleaning systems, sterilization, sanitation and more.

For the 2022 and 2023 MotoGp seasons, Rete 110% is the official sponsor of LCR. The partnership with Lucio Cecchinello's team includes the presence of the Rete 110% brand throughout the season on the chest of the overalls of both LCR Honda MotoGP riders and on the fairings of the bikes at the two Italian Grand Prix, Mugello and Misano. As the name suggests, Rete 110% is a system created to connect businesses, contractors and customers throughout the country.

CMS is one of the largest international dealers of parts for vintage Japanese motorcycles. Interestingly, its birth is coeval with that of LCR, namely 1996, the year Mike Buttinger decided to found his company. The two companies have been carrying on the partnership since 2016.

D.I.D is the world's largest supplier of motorcycle chains. Established in Japan in 1933, it is part of the DAIDO KOGYO CO. group, LTD. Of which it represents the division dedicated expressly to two-wheelers. It is a partner of numerous teams in both MotoGP and Superbike (in addition to its involvement in off-road).

Dell'Orto has been a partner of Cecchinello's team since 2018. In addition to the return from sponsorship, it should be added that the Cabiate-based company has several industrial collaborations with Honda in both series production and racing. Cecchinello himself has used and raced with Italian products for many years.

Castrol is present in MotoGP as a supplier to Team Aprilia and Team LCR. With both entities it is committed to developing lubricants and materials dedicated to their respective needs. It appeared on the Honda in 2015 and was the main sponsor at the race run at the Sepang circuit.

The Bologna-based company PBR makes high-performance final transmissions. It has been alongside LCR for several years, since the team's first year in the top series, 2006. It is also currently present in MotoGP as a supplier to the Aprilia factory team.

Rizoma is one of LCR's long-standing partners, having been present on the team's Hondas since 2008, even before its rebranding a few years later. Together with the team's men, it has developed specific components such as footpegs, levers, and protectors. On some occasions it has also been the main sponsor.

Draco is a company founded in Tribiano, Milan, in 1982: it produces building materials, from concrete admixtures to specific solutions for insulation, waterproofing, flooring, etc. It has been appearing on Honda LCR fairings for 2 years.

The logo of Flow-meter, a company that designs and manufactures devices for the measurement, control and dispensing of compressed medical gases and vacuum, along with related accessories, is visible in the vicinity of Draco. A partnership that has continued since 2016.

Since 2015, the Hevik brand has been featured on Cecchinello's motorcycle fairings. Originating in the province of Brescia, this brand produces clothing and accessories specifically for the world of two wheels.

At the end of the pigtail is the logo of Fourteam: this very young group, established in 2016, provides complete solutions, thanks also to Group synergies, for the total design and implementation of interior , building, plant and special works, with specific skills and adherence to the scheduled time with the ''turnkey'' formula.

Since 2009 Arrow has been involved alongside Lucio Cecchinello in the LCR Team's MotoGP adventure. The Umbrian company founded in 1985 has a great tradition in the world of competition, first in off-road and gradually also in track disciplines.

VIAR was born from the initials of the two founders, Aristide Franzosi and Vittoriano Carta. These gave birth in 1980 to a factory specializing in the production of forged parts for the industry, specifically flanges, adapters, connections and underwater applications. It is also one of the historic partners of the Monaco team having been present on the fairing or fender for more than a decade.

Finally, printed on the large front radiator appears the logo of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology. This Australian company operates in the field of cooling technologies and its production ranges from production vehicles, solutions for military installations and, of course, racing use. The collaboration with Honda, both official team and LCR, has been active since 2021 and aligns with that established with the Red Bull team in F1, powered by Honda.

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