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Aprilia is having its best season since returning to MotoGP. The RS-GPs are proving to be very effective at every race, and the Noale-based manufacturer is no longer the Cinderella of the group. The team currently has no main sponsor and as a result the livery is completely black with hints of the Italian tricolor. Appearing in any case are a number of brands that have decided to tie themselves to the team and are undoubtedly benefiting from the results of the Venetian bike.

Let's find out together.

Much of the side section of the fairing is obviously dominated by Aprilia branding, reflecting the team's factory titling.

The Piaggio Group is one of the oldest in the 2-wheeled industrial landscape. Founded in 1884, it has gradually expanded over the decades to control numerous other Italian brands in the industry. Aprilia was acquired in 2006 and has since been part of the Piaggio galaxy along with Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Laverda and Derbi.

Sky Wifi is the dedicated fast connection service of multinational telecommunications company Sky Group Limited. The sponsorship of the London-based giant has been active since 2019 and from this year it features the logo of the telematics division. In the previous 3 in fact on the fairings of the RS-GPs had appeared the brand "Sky Q," the voice-activated app and channel management system.

Kaspersky is a Russian company active since 1997 in the development of computer security software. Its logo has been appearing on Aprilia motorcycles since last year, sealing a partnership entered into with the Piaggio Group. That relationship includes the provision of protection services as well as specific consulting and dedicated services. The Kaspersky logo also camped on Ferrari single-seaters for several years, but in early 2022 the partnership was suspended following the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Case IH is one of the brands controlled by CNH Industrial. The U.S.-based company operates in the field of agricultural machinery production and as of this year is officially a sponsor of Aprilia Racing.

Marsh is an established business active in insurance brokerage, brokerage and risk consulting.

Came shares a land of origin with Aprilia. Located in fact in the Treviso area, this multinational company is involved in the production of door and window frames, home automation, and integrated systems for the domestic and industrial sectors. The partnership, which began in 2021, is expected to last three years and marks Came's return to the motorsport sphere, where it has been present in the past (in addition to cycling and soccer).

ManPower Group is one of the leading companies in human resource management. The partnership with Aprilia Racing, established in 2017, provides - in addition to the visibility guaranteed by the public display - a series of dedicated services. For example, the organization of Motorcycle Race Engineering, a specific master's program dedicated to motorcycles, as well as initiatives aimed at team personnel.

Sharebot is a young company from Nibionno in the province of Lecco. It is involved in the construction of 3D printers, and this know-how has allowed the Noale-based technicians to be able to make templates, replicas and prototypes of mechanical parts for testing and verification for the past 3 years, greatly reducing production time.

The collaboration between Aprilia and Dell'Orto is now decades old. Already from the 125 and 250 days, the two brands worked together on the definition of the components dedicated to powering the engines. With the landing in MotoGP Dell'Orto is responsible for the realization of the throttle body that equips the RS-GP. On an industrial level, it should also be noted that the Cabiate-based company has always been linked to the Piaggio Group in both mass production and racing.

SC Project has been Aprilia's official supplier since 2022 and is in charge of designing and building the entire exhaust system together with Noale's engineers. The Cassinetta di Lugagnano-based company succeeds Akrapovic and is something of a return since Italian exhausts were already present on Aprilia CRTs a few seasons ago.

FPT Industrial is an Iveco Group company established following the 2011 spinoff of the Fiat brand. It is involved in the production of powertrains for industrial use, whether for land or marine vehicles. The partnership with Aprilia Racing is now in its third year after making its debut on July 19, 2020 at the Spanish GP.

Castrol is present in MotoGP as a supplier to Team Aprilia and Team LCR. With both entities, it is committed to developing lubricants and materials dedicated to their respective needs. It figures on fairings since last year, having taken over from Gulf Oil.

Pan Compositi was founded in 2017 as a partner of Modelleria Modenese and provides for the construction of high-performance components in composite materials. It fulfills the specific needs of the racing world in which Aprilia is a major player.

In the area of technical supplies we find Regina Chain. This company enjoys a history of more than 100 years (its birth dates back to 1919) is has the distinction of being led by the same family for as many as 4 generations. In its factories, starting with the first one in Cernusco Lombardone, it produces roller chains and conveyor belts for industrial use and chains for motorcycles.

RCB, an acronym for Racing Boy (and formerly Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd) is a Malaysian company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of high-performance after-market components. It is an official partner of Aprilia and several other world championship teams.

Sprint Filter now equips 70 percent of the teams currently in MotoGp. Aprilia Racing is among them, and the relationship between the two brands is one of the most established. The Riga-based company enjoys a great reputation for standard and aftermarket equipment and takes advantage of championships such as MotoGP to do research and development.

Forch was founded in 1963 in Germany as a manufacturer of bolts and industrial materials. It has developed and diversified over the decades and is now an established worldwide company capable of meeting a variety of professional needs. Collaboration with Aprilia has resulted in a specific product line "Forch Racing - Aprilia" that gives professionals and enthusiasts access to race field technology.

The Bologna-based company PBR began its collaboration with Aprilia in 2015, when the Noale-based manufacturer's presence in the top series was guaranteed by Team Gresini. Now that the stable is to all intents and purposes a "factory" team, the Italian bikes continue to use crowns and sprockets made by PBR.

Michelin is the sole tire supplier for the entire category and its presence is therefore mandatory on all models engaged in the race.

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