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Team Pramac is now an established fixture in the MotoGP World Championship. Established 20 years ago, when it brought Tetsuya Harada to the track on a Honda NSR 500 by taking over Jeff Hardwick's team, it is now Ducati's first "customer" team.

Behind it all is Paolo Campinoti, managing director of the Pramac Group, which entered the world of racing through supplying a number of teams. The company, which opened its doors in 1966 in Casole d'Elsa, near Siena, has found in motor racing an exceptional system for promoting its products. Indeed, with the arrival of night racing, Pramac took advantage of the global showcase to showcase its generators and lighting equipment.

The bikes have always carried the company's logo prominently, first with a bi-color white and red livery that was later joined by green at the turn of the decade. Starting in 2016, the color scheme has been defined around the white, red, and blue tricolor, each year with modifications to suit Desmosedici GP volumes and graphic trends.

Just this weekend, on the occasion of the Mugello Grand Prix, the Tuscan team presents an important novelty. On the fairings the blue is replaced by the purple of the new sponsor that will accompany the team for 3 seasons. It is Prima Assicurazioni, a group of recent birth (2015) and active as an insurance agency with more than 2 million customers. Thanks to its strategies focused on online, Prima enjoys an excellent positioning in the motorcycle world, with about 10 percent of the 2-wheeled fleet.

The presence in a world championship contributes greatly to strengthening brand awareness among a very specific audience. The operation is part of a strategy that aims to strengthen the reputation in the sports segment also in 4-wheelers. In fact, Prima also sponsors Jorge Lorenzo in the Carrera Cup and Rachele Somaschini in the European Rally Championship.

First Pramac Racing Team MotoGP

First Pramac Racing Team MotoGP

Generac Holdings is a U.S.-based group specializing in the production of generators and power generation and transformation systems. It acquired a majority stake in PR Industrial S.r.l. in 2016, the company for which Pramac is the main brand. In fact, its logo always appears in close proximity to that of the company that owns the team.

Randstad is a Dutch multinational human resources company. Here specifically it oversees the search, selection and training of the workforce through thousands of branches in more than 40 countries. It has been a partner of Team Pramac since 2021 with an agreement valid for 3 years. In addition to the presence on the dome of Zarco and Martin's bikes, the partnership includes the organization of communication and training events.

Octo has been supporting Pramac for several years in its adventure in MotoGP. Founded 20 years ago, this Roman company provides data and telematics solutions for analysis in the insurance world. From Big Data to the Internet of Things, Octo's expertise allows it to track a huge number of variables, giving rise to the largest worldwide database in the sector. The synergies possible with new sponsor Prima are obvious.

Kyrrex is a platform that offers services specific to the cryptocurrency world: from trading to exchange through storage and payment. It is the first digital bank on the market and issues its own token called KRRX. Among other things, it is also the personal sponsor of Jorge Martin, one of the team's bearers.

Returning to more conventional industrial areas we find Confremar. This Spanish company, based in Getafe, operates in the production, processing, distribution and marketing of frozen food products. The connection stems from the personal relationship between the families owners and Fonsi Nieto, coach of the Pramac team riders. It is precisely because of this relationship that this official collaboration was born, evidenced by the trademark placed under the fairing.

There is no mechanical enthusiast or industry professional who does not have a can of WD-40 in his toolbox. This product, made by the eponymous WD-40 Company, can be used to degrease, lubricate, clean and protect metal surfaces. Its iconic logo now stands out on the front lugs (previously it was located on the front end of the toe cap). The association with Pramac has been going on for the past decade now, and the Italian team is certainly an excellent showcase for this type of solution.

Born from the intuition of Dario Secondini and Franco Fornaini, CNC Racing is a company specializing in the production of fine mechanical small parts. It was born in 1995 as SEFO (from the initials of the founders) and then evolved into its current state. The components find application in both road and racing. CNC racing is a supplier to Pramac and together with the team has developed a series of products branded by the team.

Far older, on the other hand, are the origins of FIAMM (Fabbrica Italiana Accumulatori Motocarri Montecchio), initially created as Elettra in 1936 and renamed in 1942 by engineer Giulio Dolcetta after its acquisition. As the brand acronym illustrates, the main activity concerns the manufacture of lead accumulators (batteries) although over the decades production has been diversified. This is also as a result of the spin-off and collaborations with numerous foreign groups. The sponsorship of the Pramac team has been going on for a good 8 years: the basis is the relationship of supplying energy storage systems used by Campinoti's company.

Motul is a multinational lubricant manufacturer based in France. It was founded as far back as the mid-1800s in New York, before the operations were fully sold in 1957 to the French importer. The sport and business relationship with Pramac began in 2021 provides for a three-year term. In addition to supplying the oils used by the racing department, the Motul Heavy Duty detachment equips the equipment produced by Pramac, specifically the generators.

Another three-year agreement is the one signed in 2020 with Accossato, a motorcycle parts factory with a particular focus on braking systems. In the early years after its founding in 1969, Accossato manufactured motorcycles and triumphed on circuits around the world. On the strength of this pedigree, the core business shifted to the manufacture of high-performance components.

Also in the area of technical supplies we find Regina Chain. This company enjoys a history of more than 100 years (its birth dates back to 1919) is has the distinction of being led by the same family for as many as 4 generations. In its factories, starting with the first one in Cernusco Lombardone, it produces roller chains and conveyor belts for industrial use and chains for motorcycles.

At the final drive level, the other brand involved is AFAM. This group that was founded in France in 1978 and later moved to Belgium supplies Pramac Racing and many other sports teams with its own models of sprockets, pinions and various accessories. It is also original equipment on the production bikes of brands such as Yamaha, Triumh, BMW, etc. 2022 is the last year of the three-year agreement signed in 2020.

WRS is an Italian company based in Tavullia that has been active in the development and production of high-performance parts since 2008. In this case, domes, which it makes for both road and racing applications. It supplies not only Team Pramac but also Team BMW Motorrad and Pata Yamaha in Superbike, Team Mooney and WithU in MotoGP, Leopard, Snipers and many others.

Akrapovic is one of Ducati's suppliers, specifically exhaust systems. In addition to racing components, the Slovenian company in fact makes special parts for production bikes and specifically a range dedicated to Italian motorcycles. The all-round partnership has replaced since 2014 the historical one with the Italian Termignoni, also accomplice to Ducati's entry within the Volkswagen Group, of which Akrapovic was already a supplier.

Michelin is the sole tire supplier for the entire category and its presence is therefore mandatory on all models engaged in the race.

Curiously, the Formula 1 logo (the stylized letters F1) stands out on the rear end of the tail. This apparent incongruity is due to the long-standing friendship between the current CEO of the world's most important motor racing championship and Paolo Campinoti. The dialogue between the highest expressions of 2 and 4 wheels is functional in avoiding overlap and conflict and developing common strategies.

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