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Like Intact GP, Team Aspar also boasts a double presence in the world championship: Moto2 and Moto3. In the two classes it presents itself with a homogeneous image, under the Gas Gas brand. In the arrangement of the sponsors there follows a very particular dynamic of alternation which we are now going to analyze.

First of all, the bikes of the two series have very similar liveries, essentially based on a white-red scheme. However, the brands that support the team have a particular behavior. If the positions of many of them are in fact stable over the course of the season, others are moved and/or replaced based on the individual race. Let's analyze in detail starting from the largest category which is the one that presents the most dynamic behavior.

Motorcycle 2

Team Aspar Moto2 - Jake Dixon 2023

Team Aspar Moto2 – Jake Dixon 2023

Since the official presentation during the pre-season tests, we have noticed a slight difference between the bikes of Jake Dixon and his teammate Izan Guevara. The second in fact has a greater amount of white in the lower part of the fairings. Below we list the main sponsors involved in the rotation.

Soler Hispania is the title sponsor for most of the season's events. Since 1974 it has specialized in the distribution of non-food products and provides complete support in wholesale distribution for categories such as tableware and kitchen. It is present in over 50 countries with over 15000 products either of its own production or exclusively marketed. India specifically, it is one of the divisions of the Soler Hispania group: it is dedicated to retail sales, e-commerce, supermarkets, traditional trade, points of sale of home and garden products, porcelain and ceramics, glass, home, cleaning products , small appliances and various products. .

solunion is an insurance credit institution that operates in all Latin-speaking countries: Spain, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. He also deals with sureties, risk management and investments. It is 50% owned by Mapfre, a Spanish insurance company and one of the top 10 in Europe, as well as a leader in Latin America. We remember Mapfre as the main sponsor of Team Aspar in Moto3 with Mahindra, Moto2 with Suter and MotoGP with Ducati.

Located in Valencia, Autosolar is a Spanish company that supplies and distributes components for the installation and management of photovoltaic systems. Panels, accumulators, batteries, monitoring systems, regulators and even vehicle charging devices. In addition to the entire Iberian territory, Autosolar covers the French area as well as a large part of the African continent. He has joined Team Aspar in Moto2 since 2022.

Asterius is a Madrid-based Venture Capital company, which means it sources funds to invest in plans and initiatives with a particular focus on start-ups.

Metallbau Maltitz GmbH & Co. is a Saxony company now in its fourth generation. It deals with the processing of metals such as steel and aluminum for the production of products for the most varied applications. It was a sponsor for 3 years - from 2021 to 2023 of the Sachsenring Grand Prix.

Tensite Energy is an Iberian company producing photovoltaic material. In addition to Spain, it is also present through its distributors on the Pacific coast of South America. Among the items we find batteries, panels, inverters, generators and much more. Systematically uses the sponsorship of Team Aspar, placing great emphasis starting from the website up to the social channels. Tensite products can be found through Autosolar, a chain we saw earlier. It joins the large group of companies operating in this sector and which make up the team's list of sponsorships.

PolarCube is a Spanish company that focuses its activities on the distribution, rental, repair and maintenance of new and used industrial vehicles. It provides global solutions to companies that transport goods to which it can offer vans, trucks, refrigerated trucks and numerous other variations.

Shimoku is a Spanish company that deals with data collection and management and is capable of creating predictive analysis products with artificial intelligence. Shimoku collaborates with Team Aspar in using and developing technology for the growth of the team.

RCB, an acronym for Racing Boy (and previously Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd) is a Malaysian company that operates in the production and distribution of high-performance after-market components. It is the official partner of numerous world championship teams in all classes as well as in Superbike. Precisely on the occasion of the Sepang Grand Prix it took on the role of title sponsor.

In the race in Qatar, the most prominent place was occupied by Aspar Circuit, the new initiative carried out by the team. This is an area entirely dedicated to pilot training: it includes 4 runways, both asphalted and dirt, a large paddock, 128 boxes, a green area of ​​80.000 square metres, the Aspar Museum, restaurant, terraces, multipurpose rooms, heliport, infirmary , in addition to the team-centered offices. Once inaugurated it will be the first motorcycle academy in the world and could be a success story soon replicated by other entities.

These brands are practically always present on vehicles but are located in a mix of fixed and variable positions. The area of ​​the dome next to the number, so to speak, is structured using a scheme in which the writing is superimposed and always in the same order. The central space, between the number and the transparent part, is instead declined depending on the main sponsorship of the event. This is usually placed in the upper part of the side fairings, in the white area.

Here however, as noted in the Indian Grand Prix, a second stratagem can be applied: these 2 partitions can in fact show different brands depending on the side. In the second white part, which we find in the lower section of the tub, we can notice an opposite arrangement of the upper marks or a vacant space.

Aspar Team sponsor strategy

Aspar Team sponsor strategy

In one case there was also a more drastic change, with the upper band going from white to purple to act as a background for the Solunion brand writing.

Differentiation in the “hierarchy” also takes place between respective teammates. Jake Dixon and Izan Guevara, for example, sometimes bring different layouts to the track, offering more or less space to a brand based on an agreed subdivision. In the graphic examples that we attach in this article, this dynamic is clearly visible, in particular between the two sponsorships that most frequently accompany the two drivers.

Aspar Team Moto2 sponsorship strategy

Aspar Team Moto2 sponsorship strategy

There are also choices related to the type of session. To give an example, at the Assen Grand Prix in the Netherlands, Jake Dixon brought 2 different configurations to the track between qualifying and the race. In the preliminary rounds the bike wore the Maltitz brand on the fairing and Polar Cube on the sides while for the race we returned to the more classic Inde + Asterius.

The Shimoku writing remained visible on Guevara's bike alone during the tests held in Portimao.

Wanting to define a pattern of race attendance, referring to Jake Dixon's bike, we can note this breakdown:

Inde: Thailand, Australia, Japan, Misano, Holland, France, Portugal

Solunion – – Argentina

Maltitz – Sachsenring, Germany

Asterius – Catalunya – Austin, Texas

Tensite – Austria – Mugello – uk

Autosolar – Jerez, Spain

RCB – Malaysia

Aspar Circuit – Qatar

The title sponsorship and consequently the destination of the most visible parts of the fairing is established according to a strategy that takes into account various factors. Among these obviously territoriality, both for the specific company's desires to receive the target audience and for the country in which the brand's headquarters are located. In this second case, the image is accompanied by initiatives that involve the invitation of customers, employees, collaborators, suppliers and in general personnel who are part of the company environment.

Motorcycle 3

This could be seen clearly at the Misano stage where the Gaviota Group brought customers of one of its prestigious brands, Aluit, to the track to give them a unique and engaging experience.

Team Aspar Moto3 2023

Team Aspar Moto3 2023

Seagull is a Spanish window manufacturer. Its wide offering includes awnings, automatic systems, windows, gates. It is one of the team's longest-standing partners, having been present since 2014 in the various emanations that participated in the Moto 3 Moto 2 championships and also in the adventure in the top series.

The Team Aspar Moto3s featured the Gaviota logo at the top of the sides and above the race number.

In another specific circumstance, the German Grand Prix, Gaviota declined its title sponsorship through another special line of its range, Glass by Gaviota.

Another brand that appears on the fairings of smaller category motorbikes is Valresa, an Iberian paint manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the sector. It is one of the main companies in this sector in Europe and among the leaders in wood and plastic paints.

Maltitz and Autosolar follow the dynamics that are already used in the upper class while the case of Gas Gas it's unique. Gas Gas is obviously the brand that supports the Aspar Martinez team and is widely present on the fairings in both categories. On smaller motorbikes it is added on special occasions to the large side lettering already present: only the logo appears on the sides while the complete brand is placed on the front fairing.

As with the older sisters, in some cases the division of sponsorships on the two sides of the same model has also been exploited on the Moto3s: one on the left side and one on the right. In the example below we see the motorbikes of David Alonso and Ryusei Yamanaka in the configuration used for the Australian Grand Prix: it is clearly visible how the vehicles have a practically mirrored arrangement of the logos - in this case Gaviota and Autolosar and the alternating title sponsorships.

Team Aspar Moto3 sponsorships - Phillip Island 2023

Team Aspar Moto3 sponsorships - Phillip Island 2023

We report in this list the breakdown of the title sponsorships on David Alonso's motorbike in 2023:

Gaviota – Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, India, San Marino, Catalunya, UK, France,

Maltitz – Sachsenring, Germany

Valresa – Holland, Italy, USA,

Glass by Gaviota – Jerez (Spain)

Autosolar – Argentina, Portugal

Gas Gas – Austria

Aspar Circuit – Qatar

As can be clearly seen from these lines, the strategy of the Spanish team is quite complex and certainly functional. If you want to find out how some competitors manage finding and maintaining sponsorships, take a look at the other articles on Moto2: SpeedUp, IntactGP e Fantic.

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