We are pleased to announce the partnership between Fastback Sport Marketing and Personal Time Promotion companies.

Personal Time was born over 30 years ago among the first companies in the Italian import market and made-to-measure and pret à porter products. Since then they have evolved to specialize in the import, scouting, production and sale of products and accessories for the clothing industry and in communications for various product sectors. They focus on finding original objects all over the world, re-interpreting them and offering them to clients in order to develop original and effective projects and ideas together.

Through regular travel and close relationships with partners in Italy, Asia (Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan), Europe (London, Berlin and Paris), the United States and Turkey, Personal Time guarantees both quality and innovation, and proposes only the best ideas and solutions.

Personal Time Promotion relied on the professional and dynamic Fastback Sport Marketing to amplify own journey within motorsport.

In fact, Fastback has been operating for over 30 years in the MotoGP world with concrete and effective projects, helping companies to develop brand awareness and to reach commercial and communication objectives using the innovative two-wheel world as a marketing and B2B tool.

Gabriele Busatto – Branch Manager Personal Time Promotion

“Our companies are made up of people and experiences. Wealth comes from them and from history created over time. Being able to collaborate with Fastback enriches the history and professionalism of Personal Time, bringing its expertise to new companies that will certainly be able to evaluate the original approach and mood of Personal Time that has allowed it to become one of the reference companies for years in the supply sector, clothing, coats, merchandising, accessories … “

Fabio Barchitta – CEO & Founder Fastback Sport Marketing

“We are proud to have Personal Time on board. From the very first meeting I felt their experience and the desire to always be ready and in step with the times. I was able to observe some of the future collections and I am proud and enthusiastic to collaborate with this quality company. “