The FIM World Cup Enel MotoE debut date is approaching. The first race will take place at the German GP (5-7 July), but this week the fourth MotoGP class has been on track at the Ricardo Tormo circuit for the last tests.

During the Valencia tests has been done for the first time ever a starting simulation, a qualification (E-pole) and finally a test race.

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Summing up these tests, Team One Energy Racing is one of the favorites for the title of Enel MotoE World Champion.

In fact the Bradley Smith rider on the silent and sunstainable Energica Ego Corsa in the second day of Spanish tests signs the best time of day 1:40.290s.

The british, who had lost the first day of testing due to his MotoGP test, returned to his electric bike for the first time since March. Great improvements and great satisfactions are expected.