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Are you a company and want your products / services to be used and get visibility within MotoGP?

Fastback can offer you a service that allows you to place and promote your product / service in a number of ways. MotoGP is one of the sports with a huge number of enthusiasts and fans around the world.

  • Rudy Project Motogp Sponsor


Mass media staff present at each event: 500 (representing 33 countries)

Spectators present: 2.7 million

Events of the season: 18 (with 3 categories for each event)

Worldwide countries with live TV coverage: 207

Hours of television broadcasts: 22,000

Some examples

  • Technical products bike related:

    The entire bike and all its components, such as frames, suspensions, dumbbells, saddles, tanks, cranksets, wheels, spare parts, lubricants, tyre heater …..

    Fastback can become your sales and marketing manager for your products worldwide.

  • Technical products rider related

    Suits, helmets, boots, gloves … ..

    For technical companies who would like to have a person who makes arrangements with drivers representing their product / service.

  • Team products

    Clothing, accessories of various kinds and personalized uniforms with colors and logos of various sponsors.

  • Testimonials products

    Glasses, clocks, audio headphones, clothing, jewelery, drinks, energy drinks, snacks … ..

  • Foodstuff:

    Any food to be tasted in the hospitality industry.

  • Box Products:

    Various types of furnishings (carpets, panels, drawers, fly cases …..)

  • Other products

    Possibility of setting up corners in the various circuits and in the Hospitality of the Team, where to promote their own products even if not strictly related to motorcycling.

Some companies are promoting their products / services via Fastback

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