Rudy Project, the Italian company that produces and distributes glasses and performance helmets worldwide, has renewed the partnership as official supplier of the Red Bull KTM Tech3 official team of technical helmets to be used, by regulation, during qualifications and practices.

The French-based Red Bull KTM Tech3 Team is one of the most experienced teams competing in the MotoGP World Championship, with its prestigious history dating as far back as 1989 several world successes.

In 2001, Tech3 further enhanced its growing reputation by joining the MotoGP class. In 2019 Tech3 competes in the MotoGP World Championship in the MotoGP and Moto2 classes with official KTM.

Rudy Project constantly innovates its products, in this case the helmets, include cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the highest standards of protection, comfort and performance. Research and Development, intense engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics sessions and intense wind tunnel tests with triathlon and cycling legends allow Rudy Project to develop state-of-the-art helmets in terms of technology, aerodynamics and performance.   

The structure of the Rudy Project helmets combines expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material which can disperse the force caused by an impact through a plastic deformation and polycarbonate shell for increased durability and protection. All of this combined with superior ventilation, wraparound retention system for a customized fit and many other technologies make the Rudy Project helmets extremely comfortable and safe. 

Simone Barbazza – Marketing Director Rudy Project SpA

“We’re glad to have this long-term collaboration with the Red Bull KTM Tech3 Team. Thanks to the rider’s eyewear and the staff helmets, this strong partnership allows us to maximize the Rudy Project visibility in the MotoGP Circuit.”

Hervè Poncharal – Team Manager Red Bull KTM Tech3

“We are very proud and honors to use the Rudy Project performance helmet for our MotoGP team crew especially the key moments during a race weekend which are the qualifying session and an eventual flag to flag race. It is very important that our crew wear a safety helmet. We are working with Rudy Project Corporation since several years and we are enjoying a lot these products. I’m grateful to Cristiano Barbazza, who support us with great Rudy Project products.

For us Rudy Project is synonymous of high performance and constant evolution. Team Red Bull KTM Tech3 want to say thank you to all people working in this company and we hope this partnership could last for another long-term.”