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Associating one's brand with such a vast and dynamic world as motorsport and MotoGP in particular is a very interesting strategy for strengthening its identity and positioning. The values expressed by the sport - tenacity, commitment, competitiveness, teamwork, coordination, determination, effectiveness - are in this associated with the aspect of innovation, technology and experimentation.

All of this provides a platform with endless possibilities for developing and activating multi-media campaigns that see the presence on vehicles and athletes included in a global marketing mix.


21 races in 18 countries in 10 months around the world; a circus that, over time, has grown more and more, both in extension (races cover more than 9 months) and in locations (4 continents where races are held) and channels (more than 500 media representing 33 accredited countries from the world of TV, press and web) to bring the most spectacular championship ever everywhere.

4 Categories

21 races

4 Continents

18 Countries

10 Months of Action

76 Days of Competition

motorcycle and

The Fim Enel MotoE World Cup is the world's first championship with electric motorcycles consisting of 12 teams their 18 riders will battle it out to win the first world title in the category. 

Strongly desired by Dorna, it kicked off on May 5, 2019 in Jerez de la Frontera

MotoE represents the first step of two-wheeled electric power a certain prospect for the mobility of the future; sponsoring MotoE means availing yourself of a great story to tell and ensuring your Brand positive values.

Being a 100% electric series, MotoE abandons the classic brands that make up the technical backbone of a traditional sponsorship: fuel suppliers, exhaust systems, internal combustion engine components. It is, however, free to embrace a whole range of sectors that were historically less present but now have a suitable stage where they can exhibit their services and weave business relationships.

Renewable energy, integrated management systems, distribution, commodities, zero-emission vehicle production, entities committed to green transition, sustainable investment agencies, etc.

MotoE, as well as its 4-wheel counterpart, Formula E, represents a new kind of approach to motorsport competition that appeals to "old" spectators while simultaneously aiming to engage those interested in new technologies and the socio-environmental impact of such activities.

12 Team

18 Pilots

5 European Races

All races are held during MotoGP GPs


Superbike is a younger championship than MotoGP and historically more "real". Employing production-derived vehicles, it appeals to a tendentially more homogeneous audience, consisting largely of motorcyclists. The link with production leads to a "win-on-Sunday-sell-on-Monday" style approach, and consequently there are greater limitations than the prototypes employed in the other classes seen to date.

The great spectacle provided by this type of racing has managed to create over the decades a very loyal and considerable following, supported in many cases by national championships with similar regulations. This large audience can be achieved at a lower cost than MotoGP values.

Another peculiarity of the Superbike Championship is that the public is totally involved, as by purchasing the paddock ticket they can participate in all the events held, such as the paddock show, award ceremonies of all scheduled races, possibility to meet all the riders for photos and autographs. Even for the sponsoring companies, so it becomes a chance for visibility/purchase of their product.

WSBK Paddock Show


The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is a brand new international off-road electric motorcycle series that combines action-packed racing, technical innovation, sustainability and exploration.

The series is supported by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) as well as Alejandro Agag and Eric Peronnard.

Twelve teams of two runners will participate, with men and women competing together in total gender parity.

They will compete in a series of global events spanning an iconic mix of urban centers and natural outdoor venues. Aiming to capitalize on the growing appetite for motorsport electrification, E-Xplorer will serve as a test bed for two-wheeled technology, as well as appeal to the next generation of climate-conscious fans.

Provisional Calendar 2023

May 13 : Barcelona - Spain
June 24 : Crans-Montana - Switzerland
July 29 : Vollore-Montagne - France
September 09 : TBA - USA
October 28 : Busan - South Korea
November 18 : TBA - Asia


In a world increasingly aware of the impact that technology and behavior have on the environment, the International Federation is also moving toward a more sustainable approach.

Already since the 2022 season, in fact, MotoGP has adopted gasoline in whose blend there is a percentage of non-fossil origin. The steps of the path taken envision that by 2024 this threshold will reach 40 percent and then arrive at a fuel obtained entirely from non-food biomass and other sustainable sources.

The same dynamics will also be implemented in the Moto 2 and Moto 3 propaedeutic classes.

Even in the tire department, the current sole supplier of the premier class - Michelin - has equipped itself to undertake a virtuous course. In fact, already in MotoE, the French company offers tires made of 30 percent recycled material (plastics and orange peels). Soon this type of product will be extended to MotoGP with a percentage around 40 percent.

In four-wheeling, that figure rises to 53 percent for tires used in the World Endurance Championship.

Sustainability in MotoGP
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