In 2018 the MotoGP paddock will also move to the Chang International Circuit in Thailand in Buriram for the fifteenth stage of the 2018 World Championship. The Thai race is the last addition in the calendar of the 2018 MotoGP season which today counts 7 extra-European races out of 19 appointments of the world.

In addition to an increase in the popularity of the sport itself, the expansion of the range of the Championships is an important step for the MotoGP sponsors, who see increasing the scope of this marketing tool, enhancing commercial strategies and appeal towards increasingly international companies.

However, brands or companies that pursue marketing, B2B or direct engagement with the consumer, must choose sponsorship strategies that take them directly to the field, in other or new territories. Uncontrollable the effectiveness of the World Championship with an ultra-national profile that every two weekends touches not only countries, but even different continents.