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As in many current and past examples, the LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP Team features a solid structure involved in 2 championships, Moto2 and Moto3. In the specific case of the Swedish company, owned by KTM, the 2 teams also have an almost complete sharing of colors and sponsors. In fact, after 3 years of presence in the minor category, the Austrian manufacturer has decided to increase its presence on the grid through collaboration with the consolidated Intact GP structure.

So let's find out who the main investors are and all the various brands that support the team in one or both of the world championship series. Since the team is located on Teutonic soil, most of the motorcycles present come from this area. There are two industrial macro-areas most represented: accumulators-energy storage and production systems and design/supplies for the building industry.

Energy section

Dynavolt is a Chinese company that produces batteries and accumulators as well as being involved in renewable energy. His commitment in the world of competitions includes MotoGP, Moto2, MotoE, BSB.

Intact Batteries – as the name suggests – is a company that produces and markets batteries for vehicles and specific applications. It is based in Singapore and has had a team in the world championship for over 10 years.

LP Batteries offers a wide range of batteries, with excellent quality and price ratio, for the motorbikes of the main national and international manufacturers. The range includes traditional batteries, lithium batteries and charging devices.

The batteries Odyssey Batteries are manufactured by EnerSys Energy Products Inc., a global leader in energy storage solutions for automotive, military and industrial applications. It boasts manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, sales and service locations around the world, and over 100 years of experience in the battery industry. The Odyssey models specifically are produced in the Warrensburg, Springfield, Newport and Arras factories. We can find them among Team Penske suppliers in Indycar and Nascar and in Rallycross.

Triathlon Battery Solutions is a Texan company that produces and exports batteries and storage systems. The German division is based in Glauchau where the production plant is located. Among the specializations is the supply of lifting systems, forklifts and industrial vehicles. There is also a department dedicated to the production of lithium batteries.

Construction section

Kuhn Bau has been operating in Germany for over 33 years in the sectors of planning, design and turnkey construction of buildings, offices and industrial facilities. In addition to these functions, it also deals with classic architectural solutions - preliminary planning, construction applications, energy certificates, tenders, project management and finding figures for specific tasks.

Mokrani Systembau GmbH is a company providing services in the field of building design and construction. It boasts a large network of architects, specialized engineers, production technicians and highly qualified project management. This system allows you to follow the path of a project from the first idea to delivery. Mokrani offers tailor-made solutions for every type of building and is able to act as a general contractor in a turnkey or partially turnkey construction.

Haas Kaltetechnik is a Bavarian company that has been designing and manufacturing ammonia-based refrigeration systems for 40 years. In the production process, great importance is placed on sustainability, energy efficiency and low life cycle costs. It has long been committed to supporting local athletes and teams: Philipp Öttl in Moto3, Marcel Schrötter in Moto2 with Tech3 as well as athletics and football.

Heima is a distributor of systems for the home and crafts. From building supplies to DIY, the offer of this German company ranges across all sectors. Since 2005 it has also been present through the heima24 brand, a large online store that has become one of the main online suppliers of heating technology and sanitary installations in Germany.

Inductron, as the name might suggest, is a company from Schrobenhausen (Bavaria) that deals with the creation of inductive components. These are devices found in almost all electronic products and in countless fields of application. Transformers, connectors, transmitters and numerous other products used from the aeronautical industry, through medical and railway technology, up to applications for renewable energy and electric mobility.

Home was born in Switzerland in 2006 as HEIM Bohrtechnik AG. It deals with industrial drilling systems and can boast certificates of merit and excellent commercial results.

BBS Automation is one of the world's leaders in automated assembly and testing solutions, serving continental and global industry customers. BBS provides high-quality tailor-made solutions, with comprehensive operational capabilities and a support service that covers every need.


By Rino Ice cream parlor came to life in Ochsenhausen in 1978, taking the name of its founder Rino Bernardi. For more than 30 years the company has been managed by his family who has been able to maintain the quality standards of artisanal ice cream unchanged, without giving up innovations, experimenting with new solutions, to increasingly satisfy the constantly growing clientele. It brings a smaller version of a typical ice cream shop to the competition fields with some of the most iconic flavors for operators and guests to try.

Polo was founded in 1980 and in 4 decades became one of the main distributors of motorcycle clothing in the Germany – Switzerland – Austria area. FLM is one of the most specialized brands in the catalog offering: it is mainly aimed at use on the track and on sports motorcycles.

Landgeflugel is a company belonging to the Rothkötter group, whose activities essentially revolve around the world of poultry. The production of feed, breeding, slaughter and the various processes to prepare the products for sale take place in six different factories.

Alpha Technik is a German distributor of motorcycle parts and spare parts. It deals with all brands and boasts a very extensive catalogue. One of its branches, Alpha Racing, specifically deals with racing components for the BMW brand.

Technical supplies

Liqui Moly is the leading German lubricants manufacturer. It has been a well-recognizable presence on the 2 and 4 wheel racing fields for several years thanks to an extensive sponsorship program. Granturismo, Superturismo, trucks, endurance and motorcycle racing. Specifically in Moto2 it is the official supplier of the championship, equipping all the teams.

Dunlop has been a partner of MotoGP since the establishment of the World Championship in 1949. It is the sole supplier of the Moto2023 and Moto2 classes until the end of 3. As a result, its brand is present on all participating motorcycles.

Akrapovic is one of the main suppliers of exhaust systems on the market. In addition to racing components, the Slovenian company produces special parts for production motorcycles. It can currently be found on the grids of numerous championships with official supplies from various teams: Ducati, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha just to name a few in MotoGP and SBK as well as most of the Moto2 teams.

Motofactory is an Austrian company where you can find new and used vehicles, receive technical assistance, repairs and carry out repairs. The specialized workshop can carry out cylinder grinding, metal coating and overlaying, head machining plus all the necessary maintenance on vehicles of numerous brands.

SBS – Scandinavian Brake Systems – is a large Danish manufacturer of brake pads for motorcycles and motocross. Since 1964 SBS has offered a complete range of brake pads as well as discs and clutches. Today it collaborates with the Brembo group and equips numerous manufacturers in series production. We can also find the racing version in the MotoGP, Motoamerica, Cross etc.

DID is the world's largest supplier of motorcycle chains. Born in Japan in 1933, it is part of the DAIDO KOGYO CO., LTD group. Of which it represents the division specifically dedicated to two wheels. It is a partner of numerous teams in both MotoGP and Superbike (in addition to its commitment to off road).

La MRA – Motorcycle Racing Accessories – was founded more than 40 years ago to address directly from the world of competitions. In the first years of activity the company produced fairings, windshields and racing saddles. At the end of the eighties it specialized in the production of windshields and fairings.

Beta Tools supports Intact by providing its technical equipment to the team's mechanics. The Sovico company today employs over 900 people and its offer ranges over 3000 products. His commitment to sporting competitions ranges from 2 to 4 wheels, from Formula 1 to MotoGP and Superbike.

Galespeed is a brand of the Active group, founded in 1989. It is one of the main Japanese companies for the distribution and production of high-end motorcycle spare parts. Active imports and distributes several well-known global brands in the Japanese domestic market and also commissions and supervises the production of its own range of specialty parts which are then exported around the world. Specifically, we are talking about forged magnesium and alloy rims, billet brake and clutch master cylinders and a complete range of high-performance brake discs.

Titan Riedmeier is a Teutonic company specialized in high-performance fastening systems - screws, bolts, titanium components. He also collaborates on the grid with the SAG Racing Team, among others.

RCB, an acronym for Racing Boy (and previously Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd) is a Malaysian company that operates in the production and distribution of high-performance after-market components. It is the official partner of Fantic, VR46 and numerous other teams in the world championship.

2D – Debus & Diebold Meßsystems GmbH  – is a technical partner of numerous companies in the motoring and sports sector. 2D has been offering tailor-made solutions for data acquisition, recording and evaluation since 1993.

Advantage develops and distributes customized parts starting from production components. It collaborates with Showa and Kayaba (KYB) and other Japanese companies using the same technologies in order to guarantee a very high quality standard. Advantage-Showa suspensions equip several Kawasaki and Suzuki teams.

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