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On the occasion of the release of the film “Revenge of the Sith” in the spring of 2005, Lucas Film and 20TH Century Fox entered into a promotional agreement with the Red Bull team. The newly formed Anglo-Austrian team was the youngest in the paddock and its approach lent itself to collaborations of this kind.

The film had been presented a few days earlier at the Cannes Film Festival, a few kilometers from Monte Carlo. The production thus decided to exploit the coincidence with the most glamorous grand prix of the entire calendar to provide further visibility to the seventh chapter of the saga. In addition to a private screening for VIPs and industry insiders, the two RB1s received a new special livery. The Star Wars logo appeared prominently on the bodies alongside the bellies: part of the poster was placed on the nose while the rear wing housed the title of the film.

Red Bull Star Wars Munich

Red Bull – Star Wars in Monaco

The classic Red Bull blue was also marked by flames and other scenic elements that helped highlight its uniqueness. The most famous characters of the series, from Darth Vader to Chewbacca, were a permanent presence in the paddock throughout the weekend. The team's mechanics were given a new white uniform with helmets inspired by those of the imperial stormtroopers. George Lucas himself was present in the pits and at all the promotional events organized on the circuit over the weekend. Also with him is one of the leading actors, Hayden Christensen.

The results in the race were less sensational than the color scheme: after a good start with the best times in the Friday sessions, Coulthard and Liuzzi were both forced to retire due to an accident for the former and a puncture for the latter.

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