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In this article we have analyzed how, thanks to specific software, it is possible to define a clear overview of the exposure of brands and their return on image during a season in motorsport. These systems exploit meticulous monitoring of the amount of time in which a vehicle, a driver and a team are framed: from the aggregation of this data we obtain the total amount of time in which the brands are visible to viewers. The sum includes each session - free practice, qualifying, races, pre and post race so as not to exclude some phases of the broadcast.

From the quantitative value it is possible to continue towards a more qualitative one by crossing the temporal data with the positioning of the logos on the fairings and bodywork. In fact, each track has unique characteristics, although the layout of the filming positions follows a series of rules that tend to standardize the format as much as possible.

Let us now narrow our field of analysis to the motorcycle sector.

For example, the most violent braking point will have a frontal angle that allows you to catch overtaking or more violent braking. In these phases the front fairing will necessarily enjoy the privileged view. Conversely, in a long-distance bend, the sides of the fairings and part of the tail will be the center of attention. In the onboards, the driver's suit and the tail will be the protagonists and so on.

Each event therefore corresponds to a pair of values: the time dedicated to each driver + the percentage of this time referring to the individual shots. From their crossing, a quality value is obtained which allows us to understand which areas have enjoyed the greatest exposure.

It is clear that there are a whole series of factors that affect this share:

  • If the team is consistently in the top positions it appears more often in the shots
  • If a rider leaves the scene due to a fall or a break he will not be picked up for the rest of the race
  • If a driver is leading with a gap, the direction will probably look for positions to follow the most exciting phases and duels to keep the spectators' interest alive.
  • If a pilot has a more acrobatic style, it is likely that the director will dedicate slow motion to him to highlight his expertise. The same thing happens for overtaking or moments of tension.
  • If a driver races his home race – especially in nations that have fewer representatives on the track – a higher percentage of attention is dedicated to him.

Net of all these variables that affect the sports sector, broadcasters still try where possible to compensate for lower exposure so as to guarantee a minimum share of visibility as much as possible.

Net of all these considerations, the software currently used in the MotoGP Championship - in the various classes - is capable of generating very precise and reliable reports. Each race weekend is "unpacked" and each team accesses a detailed report on the effectiveness of their exposure.

They can therefore communicate to the brands that invest in having their logo visible what their real return is and have a corresponding economic value of how much such exposure would have cost on the advertising market in order to reach the same number of users.

We can appreciate a specific example by analyzing the season of Aaron Canet of Team Pons Wegow Los40. The report gives us aggregate graphs on the global positioning of the driver and team after ¾ of the 2023 season.

Aron Canet 2023 Data Analysis

Aron Canet 2023 Data Analysis

In absolute terms of recovery time the ranking follows the sporting classification quite faithfully, with the team in fourth place exactly like the position occupied in the Championship by the Spanish driver on the date this document was produced. It is clear that Firmin Aldeguer's explosion in the last races of the season will change the various graphs by a few points.

Likewise, Pedro Acosta's dominance puts Team KTM Ajo at the top of all lists.

Let's start from the value of 17.193 total seconds of shooting, equal to 10,7% of the total, relating to the sum of all sessions. Adding interviews, press moments and other moments we reach a number of seconds of 28.834. In terms of media exposure this figure can correspond to over 22 million euros, precisely 22.222.791: less than half of Team KTM Ajo which leads the ranking but almost double its closest pursuer, Team Honda Idemitsu. In this way we can understand the potential of the format and the value of the sponsorship.

Team Pons 2023 data analysis

Team Pons 2023 data analysis

The Sito Pons team instead stands out in the ranking of the so-called Event Branding Delivery: this includes the set of all the activities implemented to convey the brands in the most effective way during an event. With a corresponding value of over 2 million and 400 thousand euros, the Spanish team reaches a share of almost 20%, slightly surpassing Team KTM Ajo.

On an annual basis, the most affected portions of the motorbike are the side fairings (38%) and the fairing (31%). This is followed by the lower tub (14%), the tail/seat area (10%), the front mudguard (6%) and finally the swingarm/rear mudguard area with only 1%.

Among the sessions in the broadcast portion delivery, qualifying dominates with a percentage of 47%, followed by post-race and the race itself which follow with 25% and 18%.

Already with this analysis it is possible to define a rather realistic image of the effectiveness of partnerships: the combination of several events in fact smoothes out the peaks and the most unfavorable circumstances. Wanting to go into further detail, let's explore a single event of the season: the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya.

Analysis of the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya

The race took place between 1 and 3 September 2023 on the Montmelò circuit and saw the 2 standard bearers of Team Pons reach the top 5: Aaron Canet took second position just 2 tenths behind the winner Jake Dixon while his teammate Sergio Garcia finished in an excellent fourth position, especially considering that the young Iberian driver is a rookie in the category.

Thanks to these excellent results, the team's exposure was second only to that of the winner and Team Aspar. There were a total of 2459 seconds in which the team and its members and vehicles were seen: 507 seconds in qualifying, 86 in the pre-race, 1428 during the race and 438 in the awards ceremonies, replays and interviews after the finish line.

Aron Canet Team Pons 2023

Aron Canet Team Pons 2023

Clearsight can deepen the analysis by dividing this exposure based on the individual brand, identifying all the moments and sequences in which it appears (on the motorbike, on the suit or elsewhere). If we refer to the race held in Catalunya we have the exact ranking of the top 8 brands among those accompanying Team Pons in its world adventure. Here they are in order:

Team Pons – 739 seconds

Wegow – 660 seconds

Los40 – 611 seconds

Stihl – 584 seconds

HP – 326 seconds

FPS – 320 seconds

Burger King – 229 seconds

Motorex – 76 seconds

Based on the algorithms developed by Clearsight we have an idea of ​​the corresponding value:

Team Pons – 662.000 euros

Wegow – 591.000 euros

Los40 – 547.000 euros

Stihl – 523.000 euros

HP – 292.000 euros

FPS – 286.000 euros

Burger King – 205.000 euros

Motorex – 68.000 euros

For a total of almost 3 million and 176 thousand euros. 1 million and 195 thousand euros in the tests, 224 thousand in the pre-race, 924 thousand during the race and 831 thousand in the post-race.

These figures are obtained by aggregating the audiences of the 7 main countries where the championship is broadcast. France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is therefore clear that the overall potential value will be higher since we must also consider all the audiences who follow MotoGP in other areas and with other methods (reruns, streaming, deferred, highlights, etc.). The highest numbers are obviously in Spain and Italy, currently the main users of this type of sports content also given the greater involvement in terms of men and equipment. The other countries, cumulatively, do not reach 20%.

The previous graph on the distribution of attention on the various members of the team and on the most effective areas of the bike is further explored if the single event is taken into consideration. In fact, we notice a deviation from the average, the result of the specific circumstances that characterize the race weekend. The dome area sees its average percentage almost doubled, with 58%. The front mudguard also increases its size, to the detriment of the lateral and lower fairings.

Let's see which brands are examined in this specific case.

Aron Canet Team Pons 2023

Aron Canet Team Pons 2023

Team Pons, whose official name is Pons Racing, is a team formed by former rider Sito Pons (twice world champion in the 2 class) in 250. Since then it has always been active in the world championship, both in the 1992 class - which later became MotoGP - which in the lower classes - 500 first and then Moto250, where he also won a title with Pol Espargaro. He also achieved 2 world successes in MotoE and also a World Championship in 3 wheels, in the World Series by Reanult in the four-year period (4-2004) in which the Spanish team extended its involvement to this category. 2007 was the last year for this prestigious group, with its founder moving on to consultancy roles in other teams and the team sold to the MT Helmets stable.

Los40 is a Spanish thematic radio station, very popular both in Spain and in 10 other Latin American countries. Born in 1966, it has gradually climbed the charts until it is the most listened to international broadcaster in the Iberian Peninsula and Central and South America. Its sponsorship of Team Pons can now boast a history of over ten years and is particularly effective thanks to an expedient: over the years, in fact, one of the team's drivers has always used 40 as the race number, allowing the logo to be placed in the area greater visibility of the front, the number plate.

wegow is a reality that operates in the world of events and music. Through the site and app, users can search for concerts, artists and situations of interest in order to have information on dates and locations all over the world. It is then possible to book tickets, get in touch with other fans of the same singers and performers and discover new entities and anniversaries. Born in Spain, this company collected several awards when it began as a startup and is now active in Latin countries and Italy. It took over from the Flexbox brand which occupied the main part of the side fairings in the 2022 season.

Stihl is a German company founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl. It mainly deals with the production and global distribution of chainsaws (of which it has been the world leader since the 70s) and battery-powered tools for outdoor and gardening. It has supported Team Pons for several years and exploits the partnership especially in motorbikes: here the Iberian team has won three titles and the electric propulsion title is an excellent way to promote the company's battery-powered products.

FPS has signed an agreement with Pons to be on the team's Kalex for the 2022 and 2023 seasons. This company, a leader in the automation market for the molding of plastic materials, was founded in the province of Bologna by Fabrizio Peppi 20 years ago. He made his debut in the motor world with Moto3 and then faced the change of category in the last two years.

HP has a long history together with Team Pons of which it was also the main sponsor in 2014, 2017 and 2018. Since 2010 HP Inc has always been present, mainly in the lower part of the side fairings. The well-known Californian company, manufacturer of computers, printers and IT devices in general, has in this last season shifted its commitment towards the MotoE part of Team Pons, reducing its space in Moto2 to just the front mudguard.

Motorex is a lubricants manufacturer born in Switzerland, in Langenthal, over a century ago. She is also involved with Fantic Racing and off road with TM Racing.

Burger King, the famous American fast food chain, has signed a sponsorship agreement with Team Pons for the 2023 season. The company logo made its appearance on the fairings of the Spanish team exclusively at events organized in the Iberian peninsula. The Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez de la Frontera, the Catalan Grand Prix and the Valencia Grand Prix, the last stage of the season. It is possible to see the brand at the base of the glass section of the fairing and on the collar of the drivers' suits.

Ultimately, these assessments reinforce awareness of the great opportunity that sports sponsorships represent. With the same figures the same exposure would not be guaranteed and above all it would not be possible to link one's image to such stimulating and viral contexts.

Continue to follow our blog to always have new examples and case histories on the world of sponsorships!

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