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The arrival of Team Trackhouse Racing alongside Aprilia as the new star team of the Italian manufacturer is certainly one of the most anticipated innovations of the 2024 MotoGP season.

The American team can boast a solid reputation overseas where it has built a well-structured reality and has been present for some time on the grid of the popular NASCAR series as well as in the SCCA Trans Am. At the top we find the Trackhouse Entertainment Group, a company led by the former driver Justin Marks and the famous rapper “Pitbull”. The team began its activities recently, thanks to the acquisition of facilities put up for sale by Leavine Family Racing and Chip Ganassi Racing. Marks was able to draw on income from family businesses as well as a karting track and several high-level sponsorships.

The team boasts great dynamism as well as an excellent level of competitiveness which has allowed top driver Ross Chastain to firmly establish himself at the top of the rankings. With great foresight, Trackhouse has set up a third car with the aim of making it available to drivers from other countries and championships so as to gain further media exposure also on channels and platforms not usually reached by NASCAR. Let's think for example of the former Formula 1 champion Kimi Räikkönen and the multiple New Zealand champion Shane Van Gisbergen.

Trackhouse Racing Nascar liveries

Trackhouse Racing Nascar liveries

This image underlines more effectively thanks to its visual impact the variety of sponsors that have dotted Trackhouse's orbit in the last 2 years or so. To these should also be added Coca Cola, Clover, Slam Foundation, Be a Moose, Camping World, Good Sam, ACM Awards, a single by Pitbull himself and the circuit owned by the team, the Trackhouse Motorplex.

The entry into the world championship is another step that further highlights the expansionist aims of the structure and its multi-channel strategy in guaranteeing a prominent position in the global motorsport scenario.

It is certain that Team Trackhouse Racing will bring new sponsors and investors to the world championship and it is logical to expect that a large part of these may come from the United States. In view of the launch, scheduled for January 26th in Los Angeles, we tried to review the main brands that support the team in the 4-wheel series. Among them there are companies whose business is geographically centered only on American soil and which we can therefore imagine as being reluctant to expose themselves on a global scale and in unreached markets and perhaps outside their sphere of influence.

Conversely, there are brands that could exploit the boost provided by the MotoGP World Championship outside the states to raise their awareness in new markets while increasing their reputation.

Let's therefore analyze these brands and try to imagine possible liveries, also based on what we have seen on the stars and stripes tracks in the most recent releases.

Brand with international reach

Il WWEX group is a logistics service provider that supports companies in their shipping needs, be they single items, containers, mass transports and all the intermediate steps. It has 3 specific brands: Worldwide Express, Unishippers e Globaltranz. To consolidate its position, WWEX has been collaborating with UPS for years in managing the labor chain.

Specifically, Worldwide Express is a leader in the SMB – Small and Medium-sized Business – segment and employs over 2800 people in land transport for small and medium-sized businesses. Unishippers is a third-party logistics company and has hundreds of agencies in the area that allow companies to outsource the storage and management of their goods. Globaltranz organizes shipments for industry and its over 500 agents help companies manage ftl and ltl transport, i.e. with full or partial load vehicles.

The involvement of this organization in the world of racing is very extensive, so much so that it has developed a specific division – WWEX Racing – which is the official supplier of logistics services for the NASCAR championship. In addition to this, it is a sponsor of several teams including the Trackhouse. It is no coincidence that the team's cars often show off liveries dedicated to the group's brands throughout the year. An extension of this exposure to the world of two wheels would logically contribute to the consolidation of the positioning.

Jockey is a company that designs and distributes men's and women's underwear, underwear, nightwear and sportswear. The headquarters are divided between Milwaukee and Chicago while distribution takes place on US soil as well as in dozens of other countries. Jockey is present in all the main large-scale retail chains (Target, Walmart, Macy's, etc.). In particular, the brand has a consolidated position in South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand and is also present in Europe and Canada. The stages of the championship that take place in these countries could be a good opportunity for the appearance of this brand, which is also characterized by a strong national imprint in its "Made in America" ​​communication which the Trackhouse Team has exploited through eye-catching stars and stripes liveries .

In this essentially American panorama, the Finnish stands out Ilok, a young company – just turned twenty years old – that develops advanced accessibility and safety systems. Specifically, these are keyless, wireless and battery-free access software that allow you to replace traditional systems through integrated and intuitive platforms.

Weathertech is a large American company that began its history producing car mats and now presents an enormous variety of products ranging from car care, car accessories, products for the home and animals. Its involvement in motorsport is well known, being the current title sponsor of the famous Laguna Seca circuit. It also has a team, WeatherTech Racing, engaged in IMSA GT competition. At an international level it supports Proton in the World Endurance Championship by donating its colors to a Porsche 963. This international expansion could underline a further commitment in MotoGP. Please note that Weathertech has an official European distributor called AutoMaked whose logo could be used for races in the old continent.

commscope is a North Carolina company active in the design and creation of network infrastructure. It is able to operate for both domestic and public, corporate and event environments. Many sports facilities, campuses and public facilities are equipped with wired and wireless systems produced by Commscope. Its basket includes brands such as Arris and Ruckus, which were in turn housed on the team's bodies. The international spotlight can put the company in contact with hundreds of potential customers located in the countries reached by the championship.

Recogni is a company specializing in the development of technology based on artificial intelligence. Its applications concern numerous industrial fields, such as automation, automotive and advanced statistics. This type of service is increasingly requested in the world of motorsport and it is no coincidence that numerous companies in the sector are involved, for example, in Formula E for management and predictive analysis. This is an area that has not yet been widely exploited on two wheels and offering yourself in this capacity could certainly represent an advantage as well as the possibility of coming into contact with various entrepreneurial realities.

Ifly Indoor Skydiving allows its users to have a flight experience in a protected environment thanks to powerful vertical wind tunnels that allow free fall to be replicated. It has facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. The adrenaline-filled content of racing on the track allows for an effective synergy with this type of service, especially in the areas where the brand is present.

Quad lock it is perhaps the most vertical product in the world of two wheels: we are in fact talking about fixing systems for mobile devices (navigators, smartphones, etc.). This Australian company was founded in 2012 precisely to allow you to carry your devices with you in complete safety during your trips by motorbike, bike, boat, plane and vehicle in general.

Along the same lines we find GoPro, the most famous action cameras in the world and which have truly revolutionized the world of sports filming and beyond. The Californian company was the main sponsor of Team Trackhouse in several events in 2022 and certainly the 2-wheel sector could prove useful as a stage also given the increasingly massive use of on board during broadcasts.

Princess cruises is a Bermuda-flagged, California-based shipping company. At the beginning of the 2000s it became part of the Carnival Corporation galaxy which, thanks to this and other acquisitions, is now the largest global operator in the world of cruises. Its 15 ships offer the possibility of reaching destinations all over the world: Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, South America and even Antarctica. It's logical to think that a series that touches 18 different countries could represent an excellent stage on which to propose your own packages.

Brands with local reach but interested in targeted initiatives

Let's now move on to the companies that are unlikely to be involved but who may have an interest in creating one-off colorways to coincide with the US leg of the championship.

Freeway Insurance, as the name itself suggests, is a private insurance company, specifically the largest in its sector. Since 2008 it has been part of Confie, one of the largest networks of insurance brokers in the country. It has a wide range of services available to customers and its coverage extends across much of the United States. For this reason, his continued presence in a world campaign is quite unlikely but certainly during an event on American soil he would have every interest in being present on the fairings of the team's Aprilias.

Onx homes is a Texan company whose objective is the construction of homes and residential buildings with specific sustainability and technology targets. It exploits various proprietary technologies to offer integrated systems for systems, materials, energy and space management. It has offices in North America, the United Arab Emirates and India and would be able to bring greater visibility to the brand during competitions in those specific geographical areas.

Kubota is a more than 100-year-old Japanese tractor and agricultural vehicle factory. Since the second half of the last century, a US detachment has been created due to the good export success. Likewise, there are branches

K1 speed the main global indoor kart track management network for over 20 years. There are 83 (but the number is constantly increasing) sports facilities located mainly in the United States but also in Canada, China, Mexico, France, Korea, Puerto Rico and Italy. A vertical service for motorsport that would draw further boost from global exposure in one of the world's top-level championships.

Brand with predominantly local interests

Then there are some brands that for specific reasons appear unlikely, both in terms of type of products and services and for questions of opportunity. Companies related to private healthcare and pensions, which are very active in the United States, would be unlikely to enjoy the exposure obtainable in Europe or Asia. As for Quaker State, the fuel and lubricants brand is part of the Shell group and since Aprilia is linked to Castrol as a technical supply, an incompatibility would be generated.

Advent health is a US non-profit network of hospital facilities that manages 52 hospitals in 9 different states. It has its headquarters in Florida where it is the second private operator in the sector. Its peculiarity is that it belongs to the Protestant church and in particular to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Precisely these territorial and religious particularities make a fixed presence during the season unlikely but we cannot exclude the possibility of seeing the brand in the American stages.

Enhance health is an insurance company that operates in the medical insurance sector. Its target is to find the most convenient formulas for every customer and need thanks to digital technologies and agreements with care facilities. As in the previous case, the specificity of this type of service makes its interest outside the United States very low.

For Quaker StateEdit, the fuel and lubricants brand is part of the Shell group and since Aprilia is linked to Castrol as a technical supply, an incompatibility would be generated.

Rhine is a construction company that mainly deals with renovations in the civil and commercial fields. It operates on US soil at the moment and so its focus is on that area.

Knowing the dynamism that has always characterized the American approach to sponsorship management, perhaps it is not so difficult to think of innovative initiatives. For example, a certain variability during the season, also based on the geographical areas and countries of interest. Let's think about the examples we analyzed in Moto2 with the teams Luca Boscoscuro e Aspar Martinez.

Another possible solution - which we do not display here due to time and space limitations - is that of a multi-title-sponsorship, with the fairings divided into areas so as to offer high visibility to multiple brands at the same time. This is a solution used more frequently by proven or lower class teams in the absence of a main sponsor. In MotoGP it is usual to favor a limited number of investors but it is always reasonable to expect "out of the box" solutions from overseas teams.

Let's also push ourselves to imagine the development of different colors for the 2 bikes, in the wake of what has been done for years by LCR team who as we know is a master in this strategy. This would allow space to be offered in rotation to the numerous brands linked to Trackhouse Racing as well as splitting the economic effort - especially in the debut season outside of "friendly" soil.

And what do you think? Continue to follow ours blog to always stay up to date and discover dynamics and useful information on the world of sponsorships.


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