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The FIM Enel MotoE World Cup is a championship with 12 teams and 18 fully electric motorbikes strongly wanted by Dorna.

Born from the partnership between DornaEnel and Energica will unfold in six races that will be held on European soil and will have an all-Italian DNA. In fact, Energica Motor Company S.p.A. Modena is the first manufacturer of supersport electric bikes, which boasts a range of three high-performance models, including the Ego Energica from which it derives the Ego Corsa, a version used by the teams that will participate in the World Championship.

These “green” racing bikes will have little to envy to the MotoGPs with a 1000cc V4 petrol engine: in fact, with powers exceeding 100kw they can exceed 250 km / h with fantastic torque and a very good acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. These electric bikes will not be equipped with clutch, to put them in motion just pull the brake and push a button, have a very low weight distribution, are agilefundo not have the power vacuum, and the sound will obviously be very different.

GLOBAL VISIBILITY: The races, which will take place on the same day of the MotoGP, will go on the same channels and will reach the 207 countries in the world that receive the TV signal. MotoE will therefore have global television coverage.

BRAND AWARNESS: Entering MotoE means associating your brand with international companies such as EnelAllianz, Michelin, DHL.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: MotoE will race at the Grand Prix of the World Championship, sharing circuits, paddocks and hospitality, promoting excellent B2B opportunities and unique experiences for its partners and customers.

AVANT-GARDE: To be pioneers of a championship that is in its infancy. Debuting in this category can mean using pre-emptive rights for the following seasons. Being the launch year, sponsorship prices are still low.

INNOVATION: With the increase in sensitivity to environmental and sustainability issues, MotoE is the first step in two-wheeled electricity, a certain prospect for the mobility of the future. Sponsoring MotoE means taking advantage of a great story to tell in communication and guaranteeing to our brand positive values, surely appreciated by customers and partners.

EMOTION: The class, like the other three of the MotoGP, will have a unique sound. It will be a new and exciting experience for the general public of the world championship.


Electric mobility is becoming a reality and will continue to increase in the coming years. FIM and Dorna firmly believe in development and technical evolution through competitions. This is the reason why FIM and Dorna Sports will launch the FIM ENEL MotoE World Cup in 2019. Rooted in cutting edge technology, the zero-emission series aims to take an alternative view of track racing.

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